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When does RSVP sell out?

It varies every year, but we do usually sell out of RSVP registrations before closing.

Is there a waiting list if I did not get in to the ride I wanted?

We do not have waiting lists for our events.

I am registered for the ride, but forgot to add transportation. Can I add it now?

You can add transportation until 3 days before the event, subject to availability. Please see our add on instructions for help.

Can I register multiple people for the ride at once?

Only if you are part of a household. The definition of a household is immediate family, 2 adults and their minor dependents, living at the same address. Every rider must sign their own waiver and fill out their own information for every ride at Cascade - this is particularly relevant for this ride due to border control regulations.

Add individuals to your household by signing in to your account and navigating to Account >> Manage Household. You may also add household members while purchasing a family membership.

Please note: The youth price for this ride refers to individuals 12 years old and younger.

Can a minor ride RSVP unaccompanied?

Riders under the age of 18 are welcome. However, Cascade Bicycle Club recommends to parents that they provide constant adult supervision for riders under the age of 18. Minors must have the, "Consent to Medical Care and Treatment of a Minor" form on the back of their number bib signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Can I sell or give my registration to another rider?

Registrations are transferable only following Cascade transfer policy here. Per our refund policy, registration is non-refundable. Registered rider numbers must match name and passports for entry into Canada. We must have all documents signed by the registered rider in order to transport your luggage over the border without you.

I can't find my serial number for my bike; what do I do now?

We know that some bikes do not have serial numbers (be sure you check under the bottom bracket). If your bike does not have a serial number, then on the registration form include all information about your bike (make, model, color and any other distinguishing marks) that would help us and you to identify your bike and type "Custom" in the serial number field.

Rider Packets

What are the numbers in my packet for - bib number, a sticker and a cardboard placard?

  • Rider Bib Number - Complete the back side and wear on your back so it is visible at food stops to easily identify that you are a registered rider.
  • Cardboard placard -  is for your BIKE, attach on the front of the handlebars. - This is critical for the border crossing and also if you leave your bike in the corral at the finish line or if you are taking our return transportation you will need your matching bib number to claim your bike.
  • Helmet sticker number - goes on the FRONT of your helmet to help the border guards identify you and speed up the border crossing. 


What about camping options on RSVP?

We are not aware of any convenient camping sites in Bellingham or Vancouver. For other accomodations visit the lodging page for information.

What other options do I have to come back with and without my bike?

You can take the train back with your bike but you need to reserve that directly with Amtrak (note that they offer both "roll-on" and "boxed" baggage car service.) You can also have us take your bike back the day you finish by purchasing a "Bike Only" ticket and then you come back on the train. See details for retrieving your bike on the transportation page. Please note that Bike Only tickets sell out early before the Bus/Bike tickets.

Can I buy parking for the weekend on the day of the event?

Yes, parking is available for purchase online with registration, at packet pickup, or at the Start Line Cascade booth. $20 gets you Fri-Sun parking. All cars must be removed by Sunday evening.

Can I buy a bus pass on the day of the event?

You cannot purchase bus passes at the Start Line, but you may be able to purchase a standby pass at the Finish Line. This is subject to availability and we will not know if there are no shows or empty seats until all of the packets are picked up.

I have not heard from Western Washington University yet on my overnight accommodations?

We have been working with them to have them notify riders that they are registered for the night. WWU has informed us that they will send out an email or card or phone call to all riders that register with them.

The Route

Is there a one day option for RSVP?

No, If you choose to ride it in one day, you will be unsupported for one-half of the ride.

Are the roads closed to vehicle traffic?

No. Riders are responsible for following the rules of the road. Please be considerate of the communities we ride through. Never more than two abreast and remember that single file is safer. You are not only riding with the responsibility of your own safety, but that of the other participants. Respect your fellow riders' right to a safe event.

Can I wear earbuds?

Cyclists must turn off and put away any headphones or ear bud(s) connected to any electronic device capable of transmitting or playing a broadcast or recording. If it is necessary to check, use, or answer a cell phone, cyclists must first pull off the road or trail and stop.