The Route

Course Hours

9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Route Options

These loops are great for recreational riders, yet can be challenging to ride hard and fast (yes, that means a few hills).

Hansville (1.5-2.5 hrs)

Some hills, mostly rolling


Poulsbo/Port Gamble (2-4 hrs)

Some hills, mostly rolling

Combination Hansville + Poulsbo Loop (2.5-6 hrs) 

Order is: Hansville to Poulsbo then to the ferry 

Food Stops

Food Stops by Route

  • Mile 2.6 - Kitsap Bank

  • Mile 22.3 - Kitsap Bank

Poulsbo/Port Gamble

  • Mile 2.6 - Kitsap Bank

  • Mile 20.7 - Liberty Bay Park

Combination Hansville + Poulsbo Loop

  • Mile 2.6 - Kitsap Bank

  • Optional Mile 22.3 - Kitsap Bank (adds 2 miles to loop to visit rest stop) 

  • Mile 38.3 - Liberty Bay Park

Food Stop Descriptions/Open Times

Kitsap Bank
Open 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Riders on the 25-mile Hansville loop will be able to stop here at the beginning and end of their ride. Riders on the 35 and 53-mile loops will only hit it at the beginning of their ride without backtracking. Located in the parking lot of the Kitsap Bank at the intersection of Hwy 104 and Hansville Rd. Light snacks, water, portable restrooms and a mechanic from Night Owl Cycling are all available.

Liberty Bay Park
Open 10 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Positioned halfway through the ride for riders on the 35 mile Port Gamble/Poulsbo loop and two-thirds through for riders on the 53 mile combined loop, this rest stop is located right on the water under the gazebo at Liberty Bay Park in Poulsbo. Portable restrooms, water, and light snacks are all available. Velofix will be on-site to help riders with mechanical issues.

Route Support

Vehicle Support

SAG cars are out on the Kitsap Color Classic route and are volunteer coordinated and staffed. They are available to help with minor mechanics or transport you to the next mechanic if your bike is beyond their ability of repair. They are also there to get you back to the ferry if you are unable to continue due to a non-serious injury or mechanical issue.  

In the case of an emergency or serious injury, all support drivers will call 911, but they do not transport riders to the hospital. Support drivers are also not there as a taxi service for tired legs. Please plan to ride the route appropriate to your abilities and finish the route you choose to take.

Bike Support - Cascade Outriders

The Outriders will be in their white and green Cascade Outrider jerseys. They are experienced volunteers and have ridden many, if not all, of Cascade's events.  They are available to help with minor mechanical issues, help you flag down a support vehicle, or answer questions about the route, event logistics, and riding in general. They may remind you of Cascade event rules and safe riding practices, so please be respectful, as they are there to keep our event safe. Wave hello as you see them along the route! 

Mechanics on Route

Training Rides

Cascade Bicycle Club offers an extensive Free Group Rides program that can help you get ready for your favorite weekend event. You can design your own personal training program by selecting the daily rides that fit your schedule and ability.