Flying Wheels FAQ

Flying Wheels


Q: Is there a rider limit? Will the event sell out?

A: Yes, the ride is limited to 3,000 riders.

Q: Do both riders on a tandem need to register for the ride?

A: Yes, for services and liability reasons both riders must each complete and sign a registration form.

Q: Where does my entry fee go?

A: Flying Wheels is a fundraiser for Cascade Bicycle Club, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Learn more about our work.

Q: Do I have to be a Cascade Member to go on this ride?

A: No, but you receive a member discount on the entry fee if you become a member.

The Route

Q: Are the roads closed to vehicle traffic?

A: No, the roads are open to vehicle traffic so you must obey all the rules of the road. Stop at stop signs and ride no more than two abreast. The roads in and around the valley can be narrow, windy, and hilly. Ride to the right and ride single file. Remember that your responsibilities do not end with yourself, but include your fellow riders and vehicular traffic. Stay safe out there.

Q: How hilly is the ride?

A: The routes are very hilly. See the route options page for more details and elevation charts.

Q: What if I can not make it the entire distance?

A: The route maps will show some short-cuts to get back to Marymoor Park, but none of them are flat so please be prepared for a hard ride. The route is well supported for emergency and mechanical issues to get you to a safe place or back on the road, but vehicles are not available as a personal support vehicle for tired riders.

Q: What if I start before the start line opens?

A: On course food stops and road support vehicles are scheduled based on the times the start line is open. If you start early or too late, these services may not be open when you arrive.  


Q: Where is the best place to park? How much does it cost?

A: Marymoor Park has lots of parking - just follow Flying Wheels Parking signs. Parking is free for Flying Wheels riders parked in the designated parking lot. See the Start/Finish page for more details.


Q: What else is different for 2022 in terms of COVID safety protocols and refunds?

Please see our main Rides & Events FAQ.

Q: If I have a flat or other mechanical problems will there be someone to help me?

A: Yes – we will have mechanics on the route in set locations to assist riders. Outriders on bike will also be present on the route in their white, green, and black jerseys. SAG (support and gear) vehicles will be roaming the route and will respond to calls to the event phone line. 

Q: Does Cascade offer any services to help me train?

A: Cascade Bicycle Club offers an extensive Free Group Rides program that can help you get ready for Flying Wheels. You can design your own personal training program by selecting the daily rides that fit your schedule and ability.  Are you using Flying Wheels to get ready for the Group Health STP or RSVP?  You can also look into our Cascade Training Series (CTS)