Route map & cue sheet 

PDF icon 2022 Chilly Hilly Map and Cue Sheet v1.5.2022.pdf


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Battle Point Park- Free Food Stop


Mile 15.3

On the west side of the park.  Follow route signs, the entrance is on Battle Point Rd near the baseball fields.


Open: 8:30 am - 2:00 pm

Food and Amenities 

The Rope Skippers — Cascade Bicycle Club is also happy to bring back the Bainbridge Island Rope Skippers as part of the food stop team. They will be providing riders with peanut butter and jelly and other treats to refuel you for the second half of your ride to the finish.

Road Conditions

As always, the Chilly Hilly is not closed to automobile traffic. Riders should ride S.M.A.R.T. and be aware of their environment. The route includes the following conditions:

  • Low traffic roads with no shoulder. The majority of roads in the first 15 miles are low traffic and may have no shoulder. Be aware of car traffic and do not ride more than two abreast when it is safe to do so. 
  • Highways with wide shoulders. Shortly after the midpoint food stop at Battle Point Park, the course will turn onto Miller Rd NW, which has a shoulder.
  • Gravel driveways. All roads may connect to residential gravel driveways. Approach downhills and curves with caution and plan ahead.
  • High contrast in sunny conditions. Overhead sun creates shadows on the road. Stay visible with front and rear lights, as well as hi-vis clothing.
  • Steep ascents and descents on hills, with 90 degree turns
    • Mile 13.6 on Arrow Point Dr NE is known as “The Devil’s Dip”. This descent feels like a fairground rollercoaster ride.
    • Mile 27.2 on Rockaway Beach Rd NE. This is a downhill that ends in a 90 degree turn. Control your speed.
    • Until you’ve completed the course, remember: There’s always another hill! Is this your first Chilly Hilly? Your big challenge for the season? Check out Amy’s tips for climbing hills safely and confidently!

Route Support

The day-of ride emergency number is (206) 841-9665, answered live by on-road support personnel.

By Car

The HAM radio operators will be driving the route, at safety points and monitoring the entire course.  The rider emergency number (206) 841-9665 will reach their headquarters and get you a SAG vehicle if necessary. For medical emergencies, please call 911.

By Bike

The Outriders will be in their black, white and green Cascade Outrider jerseys. They are experienced volunteers and have ridden many if not all of Cascade's events for many years. They are available to help with minor mechanical issues, help you contact a support vehicle or answer questions about the route, event logistics and riding in general. They may remind you of Cascade event rules and safe riding practices, please be respectful as they are there to keep our event safe. Wave hello as you see them along the route!

On Foot

Safety marshals will be at integral parts of the route giving you warnings of what is coming, such as steep downhills, stop signs and oncoming traffic. They will also remind you to follow the rules of the road. Please stop at stop signs! These volunteers are provided by Bainbridge Island Youth Services and Squeaky Wheels, both wonderful nonprofits supported by your entry fee.

Bike Mechanics on Route
  • One block from Bainbridge Island finish line — B.I. Cycle Shop
  • Mile mark 0.2 — Classic Cycles (on your LEFT just after the turn onto Winslow Way)
  • Mile mark 5.1 - In Rolling Bat Automotive parking lot - The Bicycle Fixer - Joe.
  • Mile mark 15.4 at Battle Point Park - Montlake Bicycle  - Gary.