Ride series

Ride series are repeating (usually weekly) rides that follow a particular theme or focus, but may have different start locations, routes and leaders from week to week. Some ride series run for a particular season, such as ride series intended to train riders for an event, while others may run year round. All ride series will have a series name and a unifying focus or theme.

If you are confused about some of the ride names you see on our community calendar, or curious about a particular series, below are our repeating series and their descriptions: 

Cascade Training Series (CTS)

This is a fee-based series of rides geared toward training riders for Cascade's major events, that takes place every spring through summer. For a more complete description please see the CTS Training Series page.


Cascade Advanced Training Series (CATS)

Cascade Advanced Training Series (CATS) offers training rides to prepare riders for the one-day STP and other big summer rides. CATS rides are for riders that can maintain a 16 to 18 mph speed on flats or faster. CATS rides will begin in late March or early April and ride every weekend until July. 

Climbing Hills Everywhere Winter (CHEW)

Held on Sundays, from January through March, starting at various starting points on the east side. Routes focused on climbing local hills to gain fitness. Series progresses from ~ 30 miles and 2,500 feet of elevation gain to 50 miles and 4,000 feet of elevation gain.

Cycling in Autumn For Espresso Series (CAFES)

Another cycling season draws to a close; now what? Coffee time! Continue to enjoy the excitement of regular weekend riding even as the weather gets cooler on these fun and social group rides. Join us for seven rides in seven weeks on the Eastside. We ride to a different coffee shop each time, alternating starts between Bellevue one week and Woodinville or Redmond the next. This series will help you qualify for your highly sought after Coffeeneuring patch. Let's relax and get a cup of coffee after training hard all season. We offer Moderate and Brisk paces. CAFES rides in the fall.

Cycle Tuesdays / More Cycle Tuesdays

Paceline skills, safe group riding, and fitness are the focal points for the Cycle Tuesday and More Cycle Tuesday (taking place on Thursday) rides. Classified as Super Strenuous, these rides are fast-paced but give a fit rider the opportunity to learn, experience, and practice all types of group riding skills. There are many experienced riders who enjoy the enthusiasm of riders new to the paceline and willing to share their knowledge and experience. The goal of Cycle Tuesday rides is to develop skills, increase abilities and have fun doing it. Cycle Tuesdays rides year round.

Eastside Ride The Hills DREAM (Earthdream)

A greater Seattle and Eastside-based group of cyclists interested in high performance cycling and group rides. We explore various routes in the Redmond, Bellevue, Sammamish, Issaquah, and Snohomish area. This series is designed to help Brisk and Strenuous-paced riders develop into Strenuous pace ability and beyond. Most rides are extremely hilly in nature except for recovery rides. Earthdream rides throughout the year, based on Ride Leader schedule and availability.

Eastside Tours

Evening rides on Tuesday and Thursday nights in Redmond (see ride description for starting location) and exploring the Eastside at a brisk pace. Our goal is safe, interesting, and challenging brisk rides. A few or many (depends on leader's workday) hills are always included. Head and tail lights are required September through May. Eastside Tours rides year round.

Friday Riders

Friday Riders ride on most Fridays and start from various locations around the Sound. These are social rides, normally with a morning start time, and a lunch or food stop along the way. We ride at a Leisurely pace. Friday Riders rides year round, always with something different to see and do. Come and check us out!

Friday Ride for Underemployed Merry Pedalers (FRUMPS)

FRUMPS offers rides at both Steady and Moderate paces, and occasionally Leisurely as well. You do not need to be underemployed to join us, just "underemployed" for the day. Like TREATS (see below), we range all over the area and include a lunch stop. FRUMPS rides year round. Come join us! 

Getting Ready to Ride (GR2R)

GR2R is an early spring season, eight-week progressive series that begins with a short and simple first ride and adds a bit of elevation gain, distance or technical difficulty each week. GR2R helps beginning or out of practice riders increase endurance and confidence, build hill-climbing skills, make new friends in the cycling community, gain confidence riding safely with groups, and get ready for the Cascade Training Series (CTS) beginning in April. In 2016, there are three GR2R series locations: Seattle, Eastside and South. GR2R rides on eight weekends in late winter and early spring. Register today.

Hills of the West Coast

This is a great weekly ride for those who like hills. Route and mileage may vary with the season, weather, and group. Pace is usually Strenuous. Generally, we try to start out into the wind and return with it. An early start and few stops means light traffic and an early finish. Road bikes are recommended. We ride hard but emphasize fun and safety. Hills of the West Coast rides year round.

Leisurely Urbane Matthews-beach Pedalers (LUMPS)

LUMPS rides from Matthews Beach north on the Burke Gilman trail at a Steady pace. We offer both morning and evening rides. Our route is around 15 miles and flat, perfect for those looking for some exercise and fresh air. LUMPS rides throughout the year, based on Ride Leader schedule and availability.

Midweek Eastside Evening Training Series (MEETS)

MEETS rides are held every Wednesday evening April through September. MEETS rides out of the E Lake Sammamish Trail parking on NE 70th St in Redmond. These are training routes that incorporate local hills, are between 20 to 30 miles long, and progress from approximately 1,000 to 2,000 feet of elevation gain. There will be four paces offered for riders: Steady, Moderate, Brisk, and Vigorous. All pace groups will all use the same base route for that week.

Monday Ride for Underemployed Merry Pedalers (MUMPS)

MUMPS began in 1989 as a STP training ride series that almost immediately grew to be year-round. The name "MUMPS" was originally swiped from the Friday FRUMPS to encourage the same group to ride on both days, but MUMPS has since established its own base of regular riders. MUMPS rides at Moderate, Brisk, and Vigorous paces, dependent on Ride Leader availability.

 North End Rides before Dark Series (NERDS)

Early evening rides from April through September, departing from the Lynnwood Transit Center. The routes range from 20-30 miles, exploring some unique areas and neighborhoods of western Snohomish County. 

Ride On after Dark (ROAD)

ROAD is the winter continuation of the MEETS midweek ride series. We ride Wednesday evenings October through March from Element Cycles in downtown Redmond. We ride at four paces: Steady, Moderate, Brisk, and Vigorous. The route for the Steady and Moderate groups is typically around 20 miles with up to 1,200 feet of elevation gain. The Brisk and Vigorous groups use the same base route with the addition of one or more bonus hills. 

Saturday Morning Rides in Snohomish County 

Come and check out the the beauty of Snohomish County in the fall! From October through December this series covers pretty much every corner of the county. Routes start at around 35 miles at the beginning of each month, and increase to about 50 miles at the end of each month. Elevation varies. There are three paces offered: Steady, Moderate and Brisk.

Senior Ladies On Wheels (SLOW)

Ride SLOW with Senior Ladies on Wheels! Everyone is welcome, ladies and gentlemen, old and young, and everyone in between, as long as you ride SLOW! We meet at the Northwest African American Museum and explore neighborhoods in Central Seattle, Beacon Hill, Capitol Hill and beyond, riding neighborhood greenways, trails, and low traffic streets. No one will be left behind, the slowest rider sets the pace. We'll stop for lunch along the way. SLOW rides year round on the last Saturday of the month.

South Everett Rides on Wednesday (SEROW)

 Evening rides from mid-April through August. The routes range from 22-28 miles, both urban and rural in character. Join to visit pretty places and fantastic viewpoints throughout Everett, Mill Creek, Lynnwood, Snohomish Valley, Mukilteo and Edmonds. 

Sunday Pedalers On Kinda Easy Streets (S.P.O.K.E.S )

The goal of S.P.O.K.E.S rides is to have fun, meet new people, learn interesting bike routes and cycle safely. We usually ride on the fourth Sunday of every month, but ride schedule varies based on ride leader and event destination schedules. We also ride on Saturdays during the summer. The pace of our rides is Leisurely. Ride distance usually varies from 15 to 25 miles with some hills. Often there is a fun destination to explore or to have lunch. S.P.O.K.E.S. rides year round.

Thursday Underemployed Merry Pedalers (THUMPS)

THUMPS rides on Thursday mornings with a training and exercise ride that gets you home by lunchtime! Rides vary from 25 to 30 miles, and involve urban exploration to places in Seattle you may not have visited on your bike before. We ride at a Moderate pace. THUMPS rides year round. Single speeds or fixies are always encouraged to add another element to your two-wheeled adventure.

Tuesday Regular Eclectic Active Tours (TREATS)

TREATS strives to be both eclectic and active. We offer Steady paced rides in various locations. We always take the time to enjoy lunch at a local establishment or (weather permitting) a picnic. Come and check us out! TREATS rides year round.

Winter Training Series (WTS)

Held in January-March, these rides are a great way to get in some early season training with a natural buildup of miles while enjoying the company of other riders. Winter riding is tough enough - this gives you a chance to do it with friends. You know what they say – misery loves company.

Wednesday Ride for Underemployed Merry Pedalers (WRUMPS)

WRUMPS rides are on Wednesdays. That’s our only guarantee! Our rides can be any pace, from any start point, at any time, on any route, for any mileage. WRUMPS rides year round.