Fall Walla Walla Tour Lite


October 1 - 3, 2021 


Online Registration Pricing

Registration  August 3 - September 24, 2021 $175 $200
  • Registration closes at 11:59 p.m.
  • No day-of-event registration

Rider limit: 150

Tour leader: Cascade Bicycle Club

Note: Accommodations and meals organized by participants


Come join us for a weekend of riding around beautiful Walla Walla. Experience farm country like never before! You will love the diversity of scenery -- from wheat to wine, Walla Walla is one of the friendliest small towns in America. This will be a fun way to end your cycling season and enjoy nice weather after it turns rainy west of the Cascades. Multiple paces and route distances will be offered.

Rides each day will start near the town of Walla Walla and you are not required to ride each day. The charge per rider for the weekend is for three days of ride support and festivities - choose to participate as convenient for you. Accommodations and meals are for riders to organize, but post-ride activities will be planned Friday and Saturday. Stay a while and socialize and enjoy the Walla Walla sun.

Biking in Walla Walla

There are several things riders should keep in mind and prepare for before departing for Walla Walla.

  • Goat's head seeds are present. Like a tiny caltrops, these seeds can puncture tires. Consider these preventative measure from Bike Wenatchee.
  • Cell service may be spotty or non-existent along some parts of the route. Learn how to fix a flat, carry a flat kit, and know that there may be some wait time before the SAG vehicle reaches you.
  • Signage for some streets, roads, or highways may be non-existent on some stretches. Watch your mileage and have a back-up plan if you're using GPS navigation.


Ride with GPS maps


Long Routes: Friday | Saturday | Sunday

Short Routes: Friday | Saturday | Sunday


Cue Sheets

Available at the morning meeting at the start location.

All routes are marked with "Dan Henry" navigational markings in bright neon pink on the road.

Navigational arrows that instruct riders to turn or continue straight

Morning Debrief

Each day begins with a morning debriefat 8:30 a.m., where riders will get full details about the route, potential hazards or detours, and more. 

Day 1: Walla Walla – Milton-Freewater –  Touchet Loop / 60 miles / 1960’ (short route: 39 miles / 1450’)

Course hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We will start from Feliciana winery and head south to Milton-Freewater, skirting downtown Walla Walla. We’ll have a nice rest stop in Touchet before heading back to the winery for beverages and refreshments. There is no food to purchase after the ride but we will have snacks to share. This route will feature a nice mix of vineyards, orchards, and wheat fields. 

Lunch will be provided.

Note that riders doing the shorter route will not reach the stop in Touchet. We will have bars for you at ride start. There are plenty of food options in Milton-Freewater as well.


Day 2: Walla Walla - Waitsburg - Dayton Loop / 85 miles / 4060’ (short route: 55 miles / 2440’)

Course hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This is a classic Walla Walla favorite. We’ll start at Quirk Brewing and head to Waitsburg. We will have a nice rest stop then continue on to Dayton if the conditions are favorable. For those who want fewer miles, turning around in Waitsburg makes for a nice mid-point to the ride. We will enjoy brews and refreshments at Quirk when we return. 


Day 3:  Walla Walla East Loop / 32 miles / 1500’ 

Course hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This ride will start from Tietan Park and do a nice jaunt around the wheat fields south of Walla Walla proper. This is our last day in beautiful wine country. Riders hoping to cut mileage can skip the out and back on this route.



SAG Vehicles

Two support-and-gear (SAG) vehicles will be present on the course. These vehicles are staffed with drivers who may be able to help with standard mechanical issues or flat tires and can help transport you and your bike to a local shop for more technical fixes. SAG vehicle drivers will respond to support calls during course hours.

Mechanical Support

Fix-a-flat kits are available at all lunch stops. SAG drivers can assist with minor repairs, but will transport riders to local bike shops for larger issues.

Rest Stops

All routes will have a staffed lunch stop, with sandwiches, snacks, and fresh fruit available. Bathrooms are marked on the RWGPS maps. Additional unstaffed water stops with a small selection of snacks may be made available for longer routes.


What to Expect


Days are likely be mild, but you should also be prepared for both rain and cooler temperatures. Layers are best as mornings will be crisp but days are likely to be warm. Average highs for October are in the 60s, with average lows in the 40s (Fahrenheit).


Meals are on your own. Snacks/water will be provided at the mid point of the ride on Friday and Saturday and post-ride snacks will be provided Friday/Saturday. No food or support will be provided on Sunday as it is a shorter ride although there will be snacks and energy bars available at the ride start.


There are many options for accommodations in Walla Walla and surrounding towns. 


If you can safely carpool, we encourage it. The start point for this tour is approximately 4.5 to 5 hours from Seattle.

Additional Resources


Wineries along Friday routes:

  • Ducleaux Winery 
  • Los Rocosos Winery 
  • Tero Estates Winery 
  • Valdemar Estates 
  • Balboa Winery 
  • Saviah Cellars
  • Va Piano Vineyards 
  • Castillo de Feliciana 

Wineries along Sunday routes:

  • Valdemar Estates Winery 
  • Balboa Winery
  • Saviah Cellars 
  • Va Piano Vineyards
  • Northstar Winery 
  • Solemn Cellars 


Local Bike Resources