*Please note this is subject to change due to road construction, weather, etc. and will be updated as necessary*

The Velos, Vistas & Vines Tour will feature mountain climbs with stunning vistas, river gorges, and wonderfully quiet roads through hop fields and vineyards. We will begin our tour at the Columbia River and explore new routes from the gorge to the Yakima Valley. RAW 2019 will offer five days of great riding and a rest day in Goldendale with optional long and short loop rides.

Ride With GPS route here with elevation profiles, mileage and more.  

Pre-ride: Saturday, August 3

RAW 2019 begins with an optional overnight in Stevenson on Saturday, August 3, prior to the first day of riding. The optional bus transport from Seattle to Stevenson departs Saturday late morning. We will arrive at the campsite with enough time for riders to get settled and explore the surrounding town.

Day 1: Sunday, August 4
Stevenson to Trout Lake | 48 miles | 3,750 feet of climbing

This is a great first day of riding and a way to limber up for the week ahead, with low mileage but a good amount of elevation. Leaving camp, we’ll begin pedaling along the Columbia River before turning north at Cook and heading inland to enjoy a change in scenery as we climb ever upward into the trees. At higher elevations we’ll encounter great views of the Little White Salmon River. We’ll cross the river for a morning rest stop at the Willard National Fish Hatchery then continue through the uplands while taking in views of Mt. Hood, the Columbia River, and the surrounding hills. We’ll also pass by the first of the fruit orchards, vineyards and wineries which provide the theme for this tour. We’ll lunch in the town of B Z Corner, then return to the Columbia at Underwood and cross the White Salmon River before heading to camp at Trout Lake 

Day 2: Monday, August 5
Trout Lake Loop | 53 miles | 3,670 feet of climbing

Even if you’ve done this loop ride before, the opportunity to ride close to Mt. Adams is well worth doing again. And if you’ve never done this loop before, it’s one you don’t want to miss! This is your chance to ride through Washington wilderness along lightly traveled roads, crossing the Pacific Crest Trail not once, but twice. Along the way, you’ll experience great views of Mt. Adams and some excellent riding through Cascade forests. And, to top off a spectacular day, you’ll get back to camp and not have to set up your tent!

Day 3: Tuesday, August 6
Trout Lake to Goldendale | 52 miles | 2,640 feet of climbing

For those of you on RAW 2008, today’s scenic route may be familiar. We’ll head east from Trout Lake and after a brief warm up, it will be time for a bit of climbing. Not a steep climb, but a long, leisurely climb that reminds you why you trained for this ride. Once at the top, we’ll enjoy several flat miles in the scenic Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge, then a rewarding downhill along the Klickitat River. We’ll cross the river at the bottom of the hill and then start up again on the other side. Oh yes! The lunch stop will give us a chance to get off the road and enjoy some amazing views of the river and the surrounding valley. After lunch we’ll climb out of the trees to more open, drier habitat before riding a series of rollers into our next camp in Goldendale.     

Day 4: Wednesday, August 7
Rest Day or Optional Loops | 22 or 66 miles | 799 or 3,354 feet of climbing

Another opportunity to sleep a bit later and not have to break camp! For those wanting a rest day, this is it. For those who like to keep moving, we’re offering a choice-- a short day with minimal climbing or, for more ambitious riders, a longer route with some serious elevation gain. Both routes initially head south and work their way west to Centerville, where the routes separate. The shorter route turns north and continues across the prairie back to Goldendale. The longer route continues west towards Lyle along the Columbia River. Note the vegetation change as you head west and then south. At Lyle we’ll turn and initially follow the Klickitat River as it gently climbs before turning away from the River for the final ascent to the Goldendale plateau. Here we’ll get to reprise yesterday’s rollers.

Day 5: Thursday, August 8
Goldendale to Sunnyside | 72 miles | 3,768 feet of climbing

Now that we’re rested, we’ll increase our mileage on lightly traveled roads. The day begins with gentle rollers east out of Goldendale and then continues downhill to our morning food stop at Rock Creek. But wait! Didn’t some cyclist say, “What goes down must go up”? After refueling, we’ll tackle a two-mile climb out of the valley followed by a gentle uphill into Bickleton, with sweeping views of open country and windmills. After lunch in Bickleton, we’ll enjoy the fruits of our efforts as we coast or pedal the flats all the way into camp in Sunnyside.


Day 6: Friday, August 9
Sunnyside to Yakima | 45 miles | 1,700 feet of climbing

Our last day of riding gives us a chance to see the dinosaurs in Granger and visit the Teapot Dome Gas Station in Zillah! Once through Zillah we’ll head for the hills as we pass a number of wineries for which this region is famous. It’s never too early in the morning for tasting, is it? And if you choose to purchase beverages for later consumption, we’ll arrange for a RAW support vehicle to pick up your wine and deliver it to you at our end point. Between Sunnyside and Yakima we’ll cross Konnowac Pass, the lowest pass in the state. If it seemed too early for wine tasting prior crossing the pass, now is your chance as we’ll see a few more wineries before starting our final descent into Sportsman State Park. There we’ll have food and music waiting for you until the buses are ready to depart. Please, just bike responsibly!

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