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Day 1, Sunday, August 2, The Badlands Loop. 61 miles, 1,588 feet of climbing.

This is the first day of touring some of the most unique geology Washington has to offer, sculpted by volcanic activity, the Missoula Floods, and the Columbia River eons ago.  Today’s day’s ride is a great warm up for the week ahead with minimal climbing and a chance to stretch your legs. Heading west out of Cheney, we will cross I-90 and loop around to the north before returning to camp.  The route offers a number of miles on protected bike trails and the terrain and scenery provide an opportunity to explore the distinctive Badlands of Eastern Washington.

Day 2, Monday, August 3, The North Palouse Loop, 59 miles, 2,439 feet of climbing.

As we head south out of Cheney for Day 2 we quickly get into the fertile lands and beautiful undulating hills of the Palouse. The views will be of wide open spaces amidst green and gold seas of grass and grain.  This area is one of the most productive farming communities in the state.  Because today’s ride makes a figure eight, those wishing a shorter day have the option of biking just the upper half of the “eight”. 

Day 3, Tuesday, August 4, Cheney to Chewelah. 76 miles, 3,176 feet of climbing.

After three nights in Cheney, today we move camp to Chewelah. After loading our gear in the truck, we’ll head out on the Fish Lake Trail to Spokane, then transition to the Centennial Trail and follow the Spokane River. After approximately 30 miles of gentle downhills, we’ll leave the trail and roll over hills and across wide valleys north and west of Spokane. At Loon Lake we’ll head west through Springdale and enter a wide, flat valley that will carry us into Chewelah.

Day 4, Wednesday, August 5, Flowery Trail Pass Out and Back. 54 miles, 5,268 feet of climbing.

It seems fitting that, at the midpoint of our week, we’ll experience the day of maximum elevation gain on the tour!  This is our out-and-back day up and over Flowery Trail Pass, the last mountain pass road completed in WA state. We’ll ride east, up and over the pass into the Pend Oreille River valley to Usk, then turn north and follow the river to our lunch stop in Cusick. After lunch we’ll retrace our steps and head west back over the pass. For riders who wish a shorter day, simply ride to the top of Flowery Trail Pass and enjoy the great downhill back to Chewelah.

Day 5, Thursday, August 6, South Columbia River Loop. 79 miles, 4,487 feet of climbing.

Today we’ll head west out of Chewelah toward the Columbia River on lightly-traveled roads with plenty of shade.  A well-earned 10-mile descent to the town of Cedonia follows the morning climb. From Cedonia, we’ll turn south and ride along and above the Columbia River to our lunch stop in Hunters.  Our return takes us east and south through Springdale before turning north to Chewelah. For those who want a shorter and flatter day, there is the option to simply ride out and back from Chewelah to the rest stop in Springdale.

Day 6, Friday, August 7, North Columbia River Loop. 77 miles, 3,838 feet of climbing.  

Our final day of riding is a lollipop.  We’ll head northwest out of Chewelah to Addy where we’ll climb over the hills toward the Columbia River and the town of Rice.  We’ll follow the river north to our lunch stop at Bradbury Day Use Area, then continue north to Kettle Falls before turning east and south for our flat return trip through Colville back to Chewelah.  All in all, a fitting ending to a spectacular week of riding.



Cheney, WA (3 nights | Aug. 1 to 4)

(Unconfirmed, but preferred location)

Hagelin Park 


No Frills hotels nearby:

Willow Springs Motel (0.6 miles)

AAA Apartments (0.7 miles)

Further away, but more frills:

Holiday Inn (1.5 miles)


Chewelah, WA (4 nights | Aug. 4 to 8)

Chewelah City Park

Hotels nearby (walking distance):

Norlig Hotel

Chewelah Creek Inn


Cascade Bicycle Club