Q:  What does my registration fee include?

A:  Your registration includes your bib number, a food stop, route map, SAG vehicle support, Outrider support, wine bottle transportation, snacks at the finish line, and several drink tickets.

Q: Is there a rider limit and will the event sell out?

A:  The ride is limited to 1,000 participants. All riders must pre-register online for the event. 

Q: If we are on a tandem do we have to register both people?

A: Yes, each rider must complete a registration form including the waiver. This way both riders will have access to all services.

Q: Are ebikes allowed on this ride?

A: Yes. All riders, no matter their type of bike, must respect the rules of the road and posted speed limits on trails. We encourage ebike riders to carry innertubes in the size that suits their bike.

The Route

Q:  Are the roads closed to vehicle traffic?

A:  No, the roads are open to vehicle traffic so you must obey all the rules of the road. Stop at stop signs and ride no more than two abreast. The roads on the route can be narrow, windy and hilly; ride to the right, and ride single file. Remember that your responsibilities do not end with yourself, but include your fellow riders and vehicular traffic. Stay safe out there.

Q:  How will I know where to go?

A:  The route will be marked with directional arrows painted on the road (Dan Henrys) and you will also receive a map with your bib number. Look for A-frame directional signs that point you towards rest stops.


Q:  Is there parking at the start line?

A:  Yes, parking is available near the start line, but is limited to about 200 spots. It's just a couple minutes walk from the start line tent.

Q: How can I reach the start line at Woodhouse Wine Estates by bike?

A: The Tolt Pipeline Trail connects via the south, after which riders can ride the shoulder of WA-202.


Q:  May I ride with one ear bud? Or two?

A:  Cyclists must turn off and put away any headset or ear bud(s) connected to any electronic device capable of transmitting or playing a broadcast or recording. Distractions such as music players and radios are also not permitted. If necessary to check, use, or answer a cell phone or pager, the cyclist must first pull completely off the road or trail and stop.

Q: Does Cascade offer any services to help me train?

A: Cascade Bicycle Club offers an extensive Free Group Rides program that can help you get ready for this ride. You can design your own personal training program by selecting the daily rides that fit your schedule and ability.