Seattle Bike-n-Brews FAQ


Q: Are the roads closed to vehicle traffic?

A: No, the roads are open to vehicle traffic so you must obey all the rules of the road. Stop at stop signs and ride no more than two abreast. On multi-use trails, you'll also be sharing the trail with walkers, joggers, rollers, and kids. Ride to the right and ride single file. Remember that your responsibilities do not end with yourself, but include your fellow riders, other trail users, and vehicular traffic. Stay safe out there.

Q: How hilly is the ride?

A: Not very. There are a couple of small hills and inclines, but the route has been selected to be a nice, casual cruise. Check out the elevation maps on the route page.

Q: Where is the best place to park? How much does it cost?

A: There is free street parking in the area around S. Alaska St. and 1st Ave. See the Seattle Parking Map for more information. Skip the parking and bike there if you can or use transit.

Q: What if I start before the start line opens?

A: Support for this ride, such as support-and-gear vehicles, the ride support hotline, and bike mechanics, are scheduled according to the route hours. Outside of those hours, you will be unsupported.

Q: If I have a flat or other mechanical problems will there be someone to help me?

A: Yes. Support-and-gear (SAG) vehicles will be available, as well as a posted bicycle mechanic. Outriders on bike will also be present on the route in their white, green, and black jerseys and are there to help you. Bring a spare inner tube, patch kit, and pump or CO2 in the event of a flat. Have a back-up plan (such as a loaded ORCA card) in the event of a mechanical issue that can't be solved on the road or by a mobile mechanic.

Q: If I register for Seattle Bike-n-Brews South route, does that also enter me for the North route? And vice versa?

A: No. We have two separate events this year: Seattle Bike-n-Brews starts in Georgetown and then heads south to Kent.  The Seattle Bike-n-Brews North event runs on a different date and includes tickets to different breweries. You'll need to register for each separately.


Q: Where does my entry fee go?

A: Seattle Bike-n-Brews is a fundraiser for Cascade Bicycle Club, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Learn more about our work.

Q: Do both riders on a tandem need to register for the ride?

A: Yes, for services and liability reasons both riders must each complete and sign a registration form.

Q: Do I have to be a Cascade Member to go on this ride?

A: No, but you receive a member discount on the entry fee if you become a member.


Q: Are people under 21 allowed on this ride?

Yes. Georgetown and Half Lion allow people under 21 indoors, but Two Beers does not. Riders under 21 will have access to rider support, a meal, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Q: Does Cascade offer any services to help me train?

A: Yes! The route is relatively flat, but if it's been a while since you've hopped on your bike, we can get you ready! Check out our Free Group Rides and find rides throughout the Puget Sound area. Register in advance.

Q: What else is different for 2022 in terms of COVID safety protocols and refunds?

Please see our main Rides & Events FAQ



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Two Beers Brewing Co.
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