Q:  What does my registration fee include?

A:  Your registration includes your bib number, four food stops en route, route map, emergency services, and finish line celebrations.

Q: Is there a rider limit, will the event sell out?

A:  Yes, the ride is limited to 1,000 participants. All riders must pre-register for the event. No day of event registration. All rider bibs and maps will be mailed to participants or will be available at the start line.

Q: If we are on a tandem do we have to register both people?

A: Yes, each rider must complete a registration form including the waiver. This way both riders will have access to all services.

The Route

Q: Is this a race?

A: No. The Ride from Redmond to Bellingham and Back (R2B2) is a bicycle ride for all types of riders: bicycles, hand-crank cycles, recumbent cycles, and e-bikes (Class 1 and Class 2). The R2B2 offers amazing scenery and is a great experience for riders of all paces. Ride at the pace that's suitable for you and encourage other riders along the way. 

Q: Are e-bikes allowed on the R2B2 route?

A: It depends! Only Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes are allowed on the Centennial Trail, for which this ride follows for more than 20 miles. See more info from Snohomish County on their use of e-bikes on trails. Class 3 e-bikes are not permitted on the Centennial Trail and therefore not permitted on this ride.

E-bike riders should be familiar with how long their battery can hold a charge under certain conditions. This ride includes several climbs and is 100+ miles long in both directions.

Q:  Are the roads closed to vehicle traffic?

A:  No, the roads are open to vehicle traffic so you must obey all the rules of the road. Stop at stop signs and ride no more than two abreast. The roads on the route can be narrow, windy and hilly. Chuckanut Drive is an older, historic scenic byway that is cut into a hillside. Ride to the right, and ride single file. Remember that your responsibilities do not end with yourself, but include your fellow riders and vehicular traffic. Stay safe out there.

Q: What are expectations when riding on the Centennial Trail?

The Centennial Trail will be open to all users during the event. That includes people walking, pets, families with children, and equestrian riders on horses. Bicycle riders must respect these users and prioritize the safety of other trail users.

  • Ride no more than two abreast (when safe)
  • Speed limit is 15 mph
  • Wear an approved helmet
  • Stop at all stop signs
  • Ride right, pass on left
  • Call out with voice or bell when approaching and passing. (And give wide berth - some riders are deaf or hard of hearing)

Q:  How will I know where to go?

A:  The route will be marked with directional arrows painted on the road (Dan Henrys) and you will also receive a map with you bib number.


Q: Does Cascade offer bike transport in either direction?

A: No. This is a two day out-and-back ride. Riders interested in a one-way ride are responsible for making their own transportation arrangements.

Q: What kind of support can I expect along the route?

  • SAG (support and gear) vehicles will respond to calls for riders who need to be transported to mechanics.
  • Several stops will have bike mechanics posted.
  • Outriders, Cascade volunteers on bike with white, black, and green jerseys, will be roaming the route and assisting riders in need of minor mechanic or minor medical service.
  • Medical riders in red and blue jerseys and helmet covers will also be present on the route.


Q: Does Cascade offer any services to help me train?

A: Cascade Bicycle Club offers an extensive Free Group Rides program that can help you get ready for R2B2. You can design your own personal training program by selecting the daily rides that fit your schedule and ability.