Cascade Training Series (CTS) FAQ

Why are the start locations in different places?

We want to explore all of the amazing environments of the region. We will take you on flat roads, hills and more hills, there will be a variety of rural and city terrain as well as streets with/without bike lanes and trails. In order to give you the most diverse terrain and training we will start from a different location each week.

I am brand new to cycling. Will CTS get me ready for STP?

It depends, to use a running analogy CTS is not a "couch to 5k training plan". A better description would be a "10k to marathon training plan". To be ready for the start of CTS you need to be able to ride a minimum of 20 miles comfortably at your chosen pace. We encourage you to join the Get Ready to Ride series starting in February or better still join a Free Group Ride now and make your "10k" goal to be ready to start CTS.

Do I need a road bike?

No, you can ride your commute/hybrid/mountain bike but the heavier the bike the more challenging the riding especially the longer routes.

I have friends visiting, can they join me on CTS?

No, Only paid CTS participants can ride with the CTS groups. You might like to join a Free Group Ride and bring your friends for some additional weekly training.

I registered with friends to train, can we ride together in one CTS group?

Assuming you all ride the same pace, yes. But if your friends are slower or faster than you we encourage you to find the group that best suits your pace. Riding in the correct pace group will make CTS a much better experience for you.

I have my own Road ID, do I need another one?

Yes, the Road ID shows that you are registered for CTS and also contains all of your emergency contact information. It is essential to wear your Road ID and your Ride Leader will be checking to make sure you have it at the start of each ride.

Is there a rider limit?

Yes, there is a 400 rider limit for CTS.

How fast do you ride and what group should I join?

There are 4 different pace groups. Red (10-12 mph), Yellow (12-14 mph), Green (14-16 mph) and Blue (16-18 mph). We encourage you to join some Free Group Rides and test your pace over a number of weeks. Find a pace group where you are comfortable riding for a minimum of 20 miles. You could also look on the Free Group Rides calendar for the Getting Ready to Ride series which starts in February.

Can I change the pace group I selected or do I have to start in that pace?

Please start with the pace where you feel most comfortable. You are not locked into that pace and can change at any time.

What if I can not ride every week in the series?

If you are able to make up the miles either using the same route on a different day or breaking the mileage down for a number of shorter week day rides you will be fine. If there are a number of weeks that you can't ride or make up the mileage then it will be challenging to make the miles for subsequent rides.

Will I have the same leaders each week?

As much as possible we try to give you the same leaders each week but sometimes they are not available. You will likely have a small "team" for your small group that will rotate around.

Why are all of the rides on Saturdays?

When we scheduled Sunday rides we found many had to be changed back to Saturday because of special holidays (Mother's Day) or events. Riding Saturday also allows you to do a Sunday recovery ride which will help you become accustomed to riding 2 consecutive days.

What time do the rides start?

The first 4-5 weeks rides start at 9am. As the rides get longer and the days lighter we move start times to 8am this usually happens early in May.

Do rides get canceled for rain?

Rides are cancelled if the conditions for riding are unsafe. Light rain may not cancel, but heavy rain likely will. The Ride Director will make a weather decision on the morning of the ride.

If the ride is canceled will there be a "make-up" ride?

No official rides will be offered. We encourage you to make up the mileage on your own during the week. The series will continue the progression, but skip the canceled ride. Frequently, if a ride is canceled, Ride Leaders will self organize and offer to ride the canceled route on the following day. This is not part of the official series, but is an alternative way to get your mileage in for the week.

Where does my registration entry fee go?

The Cascade Training series is a fundraiser for Cascade Bicycle Club. The registration fee makes our rides programming, statewide education and advocacy possible. And together, we’re improving lives through bicycling.
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