Cascade Training Series (CTS) details

Event date: 
Saturday, April 6, 2019 - 9:00am to Saturday, July 6, 2019 - 8:00am

Registration  •  Benefits of joining CTS  •  Suggested Preparation  •  Start Locations  


Registration is now closed!

Cost: $144 - $160    Rider Limit: 400

Premium Member $144/ Basic Member $160

Benefits of joining CTS

You will be trained in group and safe riding skills that are essential for all cyclists, and of particular value in large events. You will get to know riders at your pace level and can make plans to ride events with them.

A comprehensive training program that will give you suggestions for cross training, strength building and additional cycling workouts is included in your CTS registration.

Group riding skills and Fix a Flat (demonstration and practice!) will be included in the first day of riding.
There will be several CTS seminars, which will include information on the training plan and additional cross training activities, nutrition and tips to stay healthy as a cyclist.

Additionally, CTS riders will receive a unique Road ID® wristband, with your name and emergency contact information. 

You will receive a CTS only web link with all the details about the series, including maps, cue sheets and the master schedule.

All of these benefits will make you that much more confident and prepared on event day.


If you are not yet in condition to comfortably ride 20 miles at a 10-12 mph for the Red pace (or 25 miles at 12-14 mph for all other groups) or aren't comfortable riding in a group, try some of the leisurely or steady-paced rides listed in Cascade's Free Group Rides calendar before starting the Cascade Training Series.

The Getting Ready to Ride (GR2R) series, found on the Free Group Rides calendar, is designed specifically to get you ready for CTS. The series will help you transition from a weekend rider out for a spin on the local bike path to a cyclist who can, by the end of the series, ride 25 miles on the roads with ease. GR2R will be offered at 2 different paces; leisurely (10-12mph on flat) and steady (12-14mph on flat). The routes are between 20 and 25 miles with a gradual increase in total accumulative elevation gain. The rides are both on trails and regular, biker-friendly roads. The rides start in February and run for 8 weeks. GR2R has start locations in Seattle, Eastside and south and north ends of Lake Washington.  For details in the ride go to the Cascade Free Group Rides calendar.

There are many rides listed on the Free Group Rides calendar and we encourage you to ride your bike weekly in preparation for CTS. 


CTS has start locations all over the region.  Each week rides start in a different location.  Ride start locations will include Cascade Bicycle Club, Eastside locations, Renton, Kent, Woodinville and Lynnwood.  We vary start locations so we can easily access different areas and terrains to ride.