What You Can Do

Help spread the word and let's get rolling

Silhouette of a bike rider, approaching a mountain from a city background

Bike Everywhere Month is a community-driven celebration. See below for tips to get your community involved. 

Help build momentum for bicycling by promoting Cascade’s Bike Everywhere Month programs, or even creating your own community events.  Use tools below to get started.


  • Team Captains' Toolkit: Sample emails to recruit team members, ideas for motivating your team.
  • Workplace Toolkit: Sample emails to recruit team captains and participants, ideas for motivating your employees to participate.
  • DIY Celebration Station Toolkit: On Bike Everywhere Day, morning celebration stations across the state will be supporting riders with reasons to ride, cheers and minimal/no-contact fun. Host a celebration station in your neighborhood or at your workplace!
  • DIY bike event toolkit: Suggestions for concepts, logistics and promotion.

2021 Graphics and Posters

We encourage you to include messaging and graphics wherever you might encounter potential bicyclists – as digital backgrounds for your video conferences, in the window of a community hub, on the side of the milk crate strapped to your bike rack, etc. Feel free to use Cascade's Bike Month logo to promote biking among your networks. (please don't alter the logo, or remove our Cascade logo, thanks!)

2021 Bike Everywhere Month Logo

Silhouette of a person on a bike, away from a city, riding down waves which turn into a mountain in the distance.

2021 Social Media Sample Posts - Share this in social media posts to help spread the word with #WABikeEverywhere

Post any time:

• Roll with me during #WABikeeverywhere all May long!
• Bike Everywhere Month is the time to encourage, support and celebrate all things bicycling.
Join me during #WAbikeeverywhere all May long.
• Who will take the pledge to #WAbikeeverywhere with me all May long?

  • Let’s keep that momentum going as we #WAbikeeverywhere

Timely Posts

• Bike Everywhere Month starts tomorrow! Join us and thousands of Washingtonians across our
state in celebrating all things pedal powered. Check out the Cascade Community Calendar to
find bike-related events near you. #WABikeeverywhere

• Washington state has some of the best bike paths in the US. Check out this link from WSDOT
to find one near you and hit the trails as we #WAbikeeverywhere http://bit.ly/2lDVTw2

• Need inspiration to come out and ride this May? Riding with my friends keeps me rolling.
Check out the Cascade Free Group Ride program to find a group to #WAbikeeverywhere
with. https://cascade.org/grouprides

• Friday, May 21 is Bike Everywhere Day! Join us at our celebration station (add location) from
(add times) as we celebrate alongside thousands of Washingtonians and
• Share a Picture of your Celebration station!

• This is the final week of Bike Everywhere Month! Let's get out for a ride and prove that no one
celebrates like Washington does. #WAbikeeverywhere

• Thanks to all who made Bike Everywhere Month 2021 one of the best yet! We look forward to
next year. #WAbikeeverywhere

Where to post graphics and flyers:
  • Company intranet site or departmental homepage
  • Neighborhood blog
  • Your cubicle wall
  • Your Facebook page
  • Community bulletin boards (library, coffee shop, bike shop)