Create your own DIY Bike Event

Cascade Bicycle Club is rolling out an all-star line-up of events and activities for Bike Everywhere Month Challenge presented by Washington Bikes a Cascade affiliate​​​​​. Now it's your turn! We invite communities, companies, and individuals to produce their own events.

How to create a DIY bike month event:

1. Craft a creative concept

For example:


  • Kidical Mass ride around your neighborhood
  • A company ride with the CEO
  • Organize a ride with your elected official
  • Neighborhood bike-ability audit (locate potential hazards and issues for biking in your neighborhood, and report to your city or county)
  • A themed costume ride
  • Connect the trails ride for gaps in bike infrastructure
  • Neighborhood fun ride (could be a historical tour, a pub-crawl on bikes, a survey of local art)
  • Take your friends and family on one of Cascade's Free Group Rides


  • Rally for a bike-related cause!
  • Please feed the bicyclists (organize a free breakfast or lunch for those who cycle to your workplace)
  • Kids bicycle rodeo (set up a course in a public open area and teach kids, and sometimes adults, bike road skills)
  • Bicycle Happy Hour or Bicycle Trivia night (get a local bar or pub to sponsor!)
  • Bike scavenger hunt (hide clues and have everyone meet up for a party at the end)
  • Bicycle-themed flash mobs
  • Bicycle fashion show at your work or school
  • An informal neighborhood ride or race
  • Bicycle film night (organize with a local movie theater or student group)

Random Acts of Bike-ness

  • Group photos (post to your social media and blogs afterwards)
  • Hand out flowers to passing cyclists
  • Post thank you notes on parked bicycles and bike racks
2. Nail down the logistics.
  • Where: Find a convenient location for your event. Some events that use public space may require a permit. 
  • When: Chose a day and time that will ensure a good turn-out among your target audience.
3. Promote your event
  • Let us know. Post on our online calendar or email us at
  • Go online: Use your e-mails list, neighborhood blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Spread the word! Let your company, school, religious community, library, community center, local bike and outdoor shops, etc know you are having an event. Create posters and put them up around your neighborhood.
4. Share your story!
  • We want to hear about your great event, and share it with others! Take photos or make a video. Tally attendance. Claim victory. Document hilarity.

Some great examples of fun from around the region: