Produce Rescue | Delridge P-Patch

This month's Beacon Food Forest volunteer needs

Important event details:


Meet us on Monday mornings at 11am.


Meet at the Delridge P-Patch - Next to the garden shed.

The Address of of the Delridge P-Patch is 5078 25th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106 (map)

Time commitment:

It generally takes around 45 minutes and seconds to load up the produce and bike it down to the White Center Food Bank.

What to bring:

  • Mask (if you plan on entering the food bank)
  • Gardening gloves & clippers (the garden will have a limited number of extra gloves and clippers, so we recommend that you bring your own if you are able)
  • Bags - ether plastic or paper if you have them - Bring extra paper or plastic bags if you would like to dominate them to the food forest!


Once you arrive Jennifer, who is the Garden Lead at the P-Patch will show you around the garden and answer any questions you have about the P-Patch or gardening in general. After that she’ll show you the produce that they would like to donate to the food bank and help you load up your bikes. Jennifer will have the produce already bagged for you.

Finally after everyone’s bikes are loaded up with fresh produce you’ll ride down to the White Center Food Bank!

Where you will be donating the produce to:

While You will be donating the produce that you are rescuing to the white center food bank so that they can then distribute the produce out to families in White Center who are experiencing food insecurity.

While you are at the food bank please have a food bank staff member weigh the produce that you are dropping off and email me and Jennifer the final weight of the produce that we are rescuing for the food bank!


Please take healthy precautions by wearing a mask, putting on full finger gloves when handling the grocery bags and use hand sanitizer between every delivery drop off.

Learn more about the Delridge P-Patch Giving Gardens:

Read more about the Delridge P-Patch history, mission, and how you can help out in other ways at their website here!

Contact info for if you have any questions:

If you run into any problems or have any questions that are urgent please don't hesitate to call me at 206-915-2381, otherwise please email me at or respond to this email.