Packet Deliveries | 2021 Montlake Turkey Trot

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Use your bikes to deliver charity walk/run packets in support of the University District Food Bank!

On Sunday November 21st and on Wednesday November 24th the Montlake Community Club will need help delivering registration packets to community members who have signed to participate in their 6th Annual Montlake Community Club 5K Turkey Trot and Kids Run. 100% of proceeds from this walk/run go directly to the University District Food Bank and by delivering registration packets by bike to most of the Central and North Seattle participates the Montlake Community Club will be able to donate an extra $3000 to $5000 dollars to the food bank due to reduced mailing fees. To learn more about the Montlake Community Club 5K Turkey Trot and Kids Run and signup to run or walk in support of the University District Food Bank click here.

Click one of the registration links above to sign up to help deliver packets on either Sunday the 21st or Wednesday th 24th. We are expecting to deliver 100 to 200 packets.

Important event details:

Select a delivery route to ride:

Use the volunteer registration links above to select the neighborhood that you would like to deliver packets to and the date that you would like to ride.


Meet us on Sunday the 21st anytime between 9am to 3pm or on Wednesday the 24th anytime between  3pm to 7pm.


We will be picking the packets up from a house in the Montlake neighborhood

The Address of of the house is TBD (final address will be sent to registered volunteers)

Each packet will be a 10x13 inch Tyvek envelope and 10 to 15 packets should fit into a medium sized pannier, bike rack, or backpack.


Please take healthy precautions by wearing a mask, putting on full finger gloves when handling the grocery bags and use hand sanitizer between every delivery drop off.

Making the deliveries:

All packet recipients know that the PRP volunteers will be dropping their packets off on Wednesday afternoon.

Drop off notes for Houses:

Drop the packet(s) off on the porch and ring the doorbell or knock. After waiting a minute or two, if no one is home place the packet(s) as close to the door as you can and continue on to your next drop off.

Drop off notes for Apartments:

Look the name / unit number up on the call box and try buzzing the person. If they answer tell them that you are there to drop off their Turkey Trot packet. If you are unable to get a hold of the recipient try to leave the their packet inside of the apartment lobby near mailboxes. If you are unable to get into the apartment building leave the packet propped up against the apartment building doors.

What you'll need:

Please plan on bringing a backpack, or a bike with a basket, or panniers.

Also plan on bringing gloves, hand sanitizer and a pen in case you need to take some notes about the drop-offs or routes.

Contact info for if you have any questions:

Questions, comments, or concerns about this volunteer event please email