Community Pantry & Fridge Restock | Rainier Valley Food Bank

Important event details:

Use your bike to deliver grocery bag sized restocking kits to Community Pantries and Fridges in Southeast Seattle. Community Pantries and Fridges are supported by local food banks and give neighborhoods and communities the ability to help fill gaps in our food system and are a no-barrier, 24/7 access point to food and personal care items. Each volunteer rider will need to be able to carry at least 30 pounds of common staple foods on their bikes. Must show proof of COVID vaccination and wear a mask when off the bike.

Select Community Pantries and Fridges to restock:

If you already have not done so - Please fill out our easy to use volunteer sign-up form so that we have your email in order to send you your route details!


Pickup times are Saturdays 11 AM to 2 PM


Meet just outside of the large gate in front of the Rainier Valley Food Bank location on Rainier Ave South

The Address of of the food bank is 4205 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118(map)

Bike Parking:

Rainier Valley Food Bank can be quite busy on Saturdays so we would like to ask our volunteers to park their bike in the parking lot of the dentist’s office, just South of the food bank. Bikes can be secured to the black fence in between the parking lot and the sidewalk. Remember to bring a bike lock!

Who to ask for when you arrive at the food bank:

Once you arrive please ask for James. They know that you will be stopping by the food bank to pick up pantry restocking kits and they will show you where the restocking kits are and answer any questions that you may have.

Amount of food to deliver:

The amount of food you will be delivering will depend on the route that you’ve chosen. The RVFB LFP Restocking Route Details spreadsheet contains guidelines on how many bags worth of food and supplies you may need to complete your restock run. We also have a spreadsheet with pictures keeping track of how much food each pantry had every week to help you decide how much food you may need (links under “Photos during your ride”, below).

What to do if you meet a pantry host:

All of the pantry hosts know that we are restocking the community pantries that they are stewarding on Saturdays, but they may not know all of the volunteers yet. So if you do see a pantry host and are comfortable introducing yourself as a Seattle Pedaling Relief Project and a Little Free Pantry volunteer please do so! Also, I have added a few questions for the hosts to the route details, so if you get any answers from the hosts please let me know via email.

Photos during your ride:

If you can, please take a photo of the inside of each pantry both before and after you stock it and forward those photos on to us when you are able. We then add these photos in the spreadsheets below to help us keep track of how full each pantry is each Saturday so that we can allocate extra restocking kits to pantries that are most in need.

Also, if you take any photos of your restocking adventure in general and would like to share, please pass those along too as we will use them to continue to increase volunteer interest for all of the Little Free Pantry restocking rides that we run!

Contact Info:

If you run into any problems or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me ( or Maxwell (206-915-2381,