Seattle to Portland 2020 Refund Policy

2020 COVID-19 Refund Policy Update

The following refund policy refers to the 2020 Seattle to Portland (STP)

Cancellation Email

As stated in our email to all riders, the 2020 Cascade Bicycle Club event season has been canceled. We thank you for your ridership, generosity, and support during this time. Cascade is feeling the same uncertainty and financial strain as so many out there. When considering our path forward on a fair refund policy we were trying to keep our participants, our community partners, and our values in mind. We want to ensure that you get to make a choice about whether you donate the full amount or receive a partial refund.

According to both our refund policy and our rider waiver we are not obligated to refund any registration fees, however, we have assessed expenses already incurred and are returning everything we possibly can.  Due to our 501c3 status anything non-refundable can be claimed as a tax deductible donation. Every person paying for registration agreed to both the waiver seen here (read item 11-Force Majeure) and our refund policy here.

What all STP registrants will receive:

  • 100% refund on any add-on items such as merchandise, parking, packet mailing, etc. No action needed, this will be automatic.
  • 20% coupon code (sent in November 2020) to register for the 2021 STP. You may use your unique coupon code or share it with a friend, they are transferable.

You have two options for your registration fee and we ask that you make your decision by May 15:

  1. Donate your entire registration fee. If you choose this option, no further action is required. On May 15 we will convert any registration still in the cue as a donation and you will receive a tax letter confirming your tax deductible donation amount. You will also receive an exclusive STP “canceled” T-shirt as a thank you for your support of Cascade at this time.

    What will your donation do? It will help us create online bicycle education programming, advocate for stronger bike safety laws and open streets to keep people safe while social distancing, make a difference for communities that are hurting, and will ensure the events you love that get postponed come roaring back to their full effect. Your registration fee also supports funding for our sister organization, Washington Bikes, which passed the vulnerable user law and protects statewide funding for folks who bike, walk, and roll.

  2. Refund. We understand that everyone’s situation is different and donation is not an option for all. We are offering a 50% refund on your registration fee if requested by May 15. In order to request a refund please follow the instructions below. Any add-ons (transportation, parking, mailing, etc) will automatically be refunded at 100%, no action required.
    • Sign In to your online account at
    • Click "My Account" in the blue bar (top-right corner)
    • Click "Refunds" next to STP​​​​​​
    • On the next page, click the "Request Refund” link
    • Click the red "Request Refund" box to complete

*If you purchased multiple registrations as a household, please login as the person who purchased. You must request a refund for each person in your household who is registered.  If you purchased multiple events you must request a refund for each event. 

Our decisions were based on three factors:

  1. 50% of your registration fee goes directly to support the staffing of our advocacy and education programming. While we are not an event that makes you fundraise thousands in order to join, our fundraising is built into the price of the event. We run low cost accessible events that support our work on trail systems, better biking laws, and the fight for funding in Olympia.
  2. An event like STP takes more than a year in permitting, contracting, and staffing to organize. A large portion of your fee is already spent and/or having to be spent on the cancellation of contracts signed well before the threat of this virus.
  3. Why not deferrals? Deferring registrations put us in a position of 100% of expenses and not enough revenue to cover. We are offering the combination of partial refund and a discount to 2021 instead of a full deferral.

Look out for more information on our free virtual event to commemorate STP and ride along with our STP Quaranteam from home or in your neighborhood, details soon!

We thank you for your support of Cascade Bicycle Club and hope everyone is staying safe and healthy whether you are able to stay home or are out in the field as one of our essential workers.  Thank you for all that you do and we hope to gather again very soon.