Ride for Major Taylor Refund Policy

2020 COVID-19 Refund Policy Update

The following refund policy refers to the 2020 Ride for Major Taylor

Cancellation Email

We thank you for your ridership, generosity, and support during this time.  Cascade is feeling the same uncertainty and financial strain as so many out there.  When considering our path forward on a fair refund policy we were trying to keep our participants, our community partners, and our responsibilities to our staff and the organization in mind.

Ride for Major Taylor Project is a unique event for our organization due to the fact that funds raised are specifically earmarked and reserved for the Major Taylor Project programming. Our other events fund our various other advocacy and education programs, but this one in particular is special. This also makes the refund process more complicated as $75 of your $125 registration was automatically claimed as a direct donation to the Major Taylor Project and therefore it is not refundable, as nonprofits are not legally allowed to refund donations. We are so grateful for the support of MTP through the Ride for Major Taylor to ensure that our programming and engagement with local communities can continue.

You have two options for the remaining $50 registration fee and we ask that you make your decision by May 15:

  1. Donate the remainder of your registration fee. If you choose this option, no further action is required. Any registration still intact after May 15 will be converted as a donation and you will receive a tax letter no later than June 15 confirming your tax deductible donation amount.

    This donation will continue to be reserved specifically for the rebuilding and support for the Major Taylor Project in the 2020/2021 school year.

  2. Refund. We understand that everyone’s situation is different and a full donation is not an option for all. We are offering a refund on the remainder of your registration fee if requested by May 15. In order to request a refund please follow the instructions below.
    • Sign In to your online account at Cascade.org
    • Click "My Account" in the blue bar (top-right corner)
    • Click "Refunds" next the Ride for Major Taylor
    • On the next page, click the "Request Refund” link
    • Click the red "Request Refund" box to complete

*If you purchased multiple registrations as a household, please login as the person who purchased. You must request a refund for each person in your household who is registered.  If you purchased multiple events you must request a refund for each event. 

We thank you for your support of Cascade Bicycle Club and hope everyone is staying safe and healthy whether you are able to stay home or are out in the field as one of our essential workers.  Thank you for all that you do and we hope to gather again very soon.