Basic Cycling Techniques

Nov 19 will be our last Basic Cycling Techniques class for 2023


Course Description

Expand your bike handling skills with others who are at your skill level. Basic Cycling Techniques is for electric or traditional bike riders who know how to ride but who would like to become more comfortable and confident. Do you want to become a pro at taking your hands of the handlebars to signal, or to stop quickly and safely in an emergency, or to shift your gears efficiently? The class allows you to practice bike-handling techniques and culminates in a ride in the park to solidify what we’ve learned by riding on low-traffic streets nearby.

Learn how to:

  • Check your bike for safety before each trip
  • Properly fit a helmet
  • Check your bike fit
  • Start riding efficiently
  • Stop elegantly
  • Ride in a straight line
  • Turn gracefully
  • Identify traffic and hazards
  • Signal your intentions to other road users
  • Shift gears
  • Ride safely in a small group
  • Apply basic principles of traffic safety

Small class sizes and low instructor to student ratio allow the content to be tailored to your level.

This class is for adults.  Students under 18 may be able to register for the class, but must have a parent or guardian attending the same class as a registered participant. Please contact us to discuss before registering your child.


Pre-requisites: Essential Biking Knowledge is a prerequisite for this on-bike group class

Sign up for Basic Cycling Techniques if you can:

  • Student is able to ride in a straight line for at least 100 yards
  • Student is able to turn the bike to the left and to the right with control
  • Student is able to stop using both brakes while maintaining control of the bike
  • Student is able to make simple gear changes and knows which hand controls front and rear shifting

If you have difficulty with any of these skills, please consider joining us for our Learn to Ride lessons.

Class Size: min 5, max 8

Price: suggested $15-$150 sliding scale price based on your income level

Duration: 3 hours

How to Prepare: Bring a traditional or electric bike in good working order and a CPSC approved helmet. Bring water and be sure to wear weather-appropriate clothing.

Location: Cascade Bicycle Club, 7787 62nd Ave. NE Seattle, WA 98115. We are located right off of the Burke Gilman Trail at Magnuson Park.

Bike Parking: Bike racks available outside the building as well as limited indoor space.

Community Education Manager
Amy Korver
(206) 620-0459
Register Here
Sun. Nov 19, 2023 1:00pm to 4:00pm | Seattle
Cascade Bicycle Club
7787 62nd Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115
United States