Adult Classes

We have an in-person class coming up:

Women & Non-Binary Roadside Repair class on Dec 9!

If this class time doesn't work for you, fear not! All maintenance and riding classes will be resuming in April 2022. In the meantime, here are some other great riding and maintenance resources:


  • Marley Blonsky- local bike adventurer who hosts in-person and virtual classes about city riding and biking, especially for bigger bodied folks
  • Brian Watson- local LCI instructor who teaches one-on-one or group riding classes for all ability levels
  • LCI Instructors- the League of American Bicyclists certifies bike instructors all around the country- find an instructor or advocacy organization in your area!
  • Cycling Savvy- an online urban riding skills program by the American Bicycling Education Association. We cannot recommend this course highly enough!


  • Bike Works- an awesome bike non-profit located in Columbia City, currently offering in-person maintenance classes
  • Sharing Wheels- a community bike shop in Everett offering great beginner maintenance classes
  • The Bikery- a volunteer-run bike space where you can donate to use their fix-it stands and tools. Great for riders who would like to work on their own repairs but would like a guiding hand if they get stuck. :)

Lastly, check out or Tips for Biking page that includes all of our favorite websites and videos for riding and maintenance tips and tricks!

Let us know if you have any questions or if you know of any in-person classes that should be added to this list-  

Online/Virtual Classes

Virtual access links will be emailed to all registrants prior to the start of the class.

Ride in the Rain Virtual Classes


Riding classes

Learn to Ride
Struggling with balance, starting or stopping? Learn to safely navigate the world from the seat of your bike.

More info →
Basic Cycling Techniques

Already know how to ride? Expand your bike handling skills alongside other riders near your skill level.

More info →

Urban Cycling Techniques

Learn to safely and positively interact with city traffic so you can run errands, get to work, or get exercise on your bike. More info →


Maintenance classes


Flats don't have to ruin your ride. Learn to be self-sufficient and identify the supplies you’ll need to carry for a quick repair. More info →

Maintenance for Every Rider

Maintain your own bike to save time and money! Learn to identify minor problems before they become serious.
More info →

Chains & Derailleurs

Learn how your gears and shifting work in this hands-on class. With little adjustments we'll help you get your bike to shift and pedal more smoothly. More info →

Brake System Maintenance

An important class for one of the most critical safety components. Learn how to maintain your brakes to keep yourself safe! More info →

Ebike Classes

We now offer ebike versions of our maintenance classes. Click here to learn more and view upcoming classes! More info →

Roadside Repair

Don’t know what to do if you're out on a ride and a mechanical issue pops up? Let's learn together!
More info →