Chilly Hilly Novice - cut off street?

I am new to riding in a group and new to riding huge hills. I am registered for Chilly Hilly but my anxiety is growing! Is there a short route if the hills are more than I can handle? I want to push myself but I also need to know I will have the option. Thanks in advance! 

Submitted by Aaron Bell on

If you look at the course route / FAQ, there is indeed a cut-off street, but it only cuts out the giant hill toward the end of the course. You'll still have to deal with some 19 miles of hilly terrain, including 2 somewhat short (less than 1/2 mile), but 10% grade hills just before the half-way point. So while I don't think there's a 'short route', it would be easy enough for you to back-track along the course to get back (and that may be the fastest way back too!)