Scholarship Policies & Guidelines

If you would like to request scholarship aid for one of our qualified rides, please fill out and submit the below information and a Cascade representative will contact you directly regarding your application. 

Thanks to community member donations and support, Cascade Bicycle Club (CBC) is able to provide a limited number of financial scholarships to qualified individuals or families. CBC is a non-profit and aims to remove financial barriers as much as possible for our community participants. We appreciate your honesty and transparency in the application process. 

  • Registration is non-refundable, including registration purchased prior to submitting a scholarship application for the same event.  
  • If you need to cancel your approved scholarship registration, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer this opportunity to another rider.
  • Due to limited resources, CBC is only able to provide one scholarship per individual per the calendar year season. 
  • No documentation/evidence is required for income verification. Instead, we appreciate your honesty in allowing us to distribute our resources to the best of our ability. 
  • The deadline to apply for ride scholarships is 14 days before the event date. Any applications submitted inside this 14 day window will not be processed.
  • Virtual rides - pending approval, we will send you the challenge registration token, so you can participate. However, an approved scholarship does not include the event swag packages.
  • DIY rides - pending approval, we will send you the event maps so you can ride the routes. However, an approved scholarship does not include tickets for the beverages or swag items.
  • Please allow 10-15 business days for the scholarship application to be reviewed. 

Questions? Email

Whether you are a student, senior, or on a limited budget, join us with our limited income premium membership option. Cascade's vision is Bicycling for All — and we mean all. We want everyone to be able to join Cascade as a member and as one effort to keep Cascade inclusive, we offer a reduced rate individual premium membership of $15 to anyone who self-identifies as being on a limited income. We want everybody who wants to be a member to be able to, so please contact if you would like more information or to discuss more options. Click here for the limited income membership.