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Cascade Bicycle Club can teach a commute class or series of classes at your organization. Contact Amy at for schedule and pricing information.

Intro to Commuting

This class covers the basics of biking for commuting and utility trips.  Topics include:

  • Selecting a bicycle and making basic fit adjustments
  • Riding safely and comfortably
  • Planning your bike route
  • Clothing, helmets, and gear
Lights and Reflectors

This class covers the functionality and importance of lights and reflectors to ride safely in dark and low-visibility situations as well as the legal requirements for lights and reflectors in Washington state. Topics include:

  • How to be visible and conspicuous when you ride
  • Front and rear lights
  • Reflective clothing and bike accessories
  • State law (RCW) as it relates to bicycle riders, lights and reflectors
Maintenance for Every Rider

This demonstration-only class is an overview of the basics of bike maintenance. In this class you will learn about braking and shifting systems and how to perform routine maintenance on those systems. Topics include: 

  • Inspecting and inflating tires
  • Making minor adjustments to brakes and shifting
  • Cleaning and lubing your chain
  • Cleaning and inspecting your brake pads
Fix a Flat

Learn this simple and important skill to minimize delays the next time you get a flat. We’ll take the mystery out of wheel and tire removal, patching a tube and putting it all back together. This demonstration-only class also covers some of the causes of flat tires and how to best avoid and prevent them. Topics include:

  • Assessing the condition of your tires
  • The most effective method for wheel removal and reinstallation
  • Removing the tire from the rim and reinstallation
  • Locating and repairing the puncture
  • Tools to carry for a speedy repair