Middle & High School Students

Middle and High School Students

All May Long: The Bike to School Challenge!


The Bike to School Challenge is great for new riders, providing the support and incentives to make the transition to regular bike commuting smooth, easy and fun! Experienced people who bike often relish the competition that comes with tracking bike trips and the chance to convince classmates to ride. By riding a bike, students can reduce their carbon footprint, improve their health and arrive at school awake and ready to learn! Students can plan routes ahead of time, organize friends for a group ride, try to earn prizes and, most importantly, have fun!

Join thousands of other riders across the country on Bike to School Day.

Student registration

Middle and high school students can register themsevles for the Bike to School month challenge. Once registered students should keep track of their daily minutes ridden. One tool for keeping tracking of minutes is our Middle and High School Bike to School Challenge Tracking Calendar which can be printed at home or school and used on a daily basis. At the end of the month, students should return to the Cascade website to enter their total minutes ridden for the month of May.


The challenge has three main steps:

  1. Sign up online

  2. Track minutes with the calendar

  3. Submit minutes at the end for a chance to win prizes

Who can sign up?

  • Students 13 and older can sign themselves up

  • Students under 13 must participate with an adult coordinator and do not need to individually sign up

  • Coordinators do not need to sign up individual students because they are signing up for the whole group

How are minutes submitted?

  • Students 13 and older can submit their own individual minutes

  • Students under 13 must have minutes submitted by a coordinator

  • Coordinators can submit minutes for a student or students of any age

  • All minutes will be submitted via a Google form at the end of the month

  • Must sign up and submit minutes to enter to win prizes

  • Please be sure that your child’s minutes are only submitted one time

At the end of the month, we will review the totals, announce winners and award prizes!

With your help, we look forward to exceeding one million minutes in motion this year!

School registration & leadership

Volunteer coordinators can work in partnership with the school to encourage student sign-ups and do event promotion. Explore the Bike to School Resources and Coordinators page for more information and materials. Please contact Ryan at ryany@cascade.org for more information.

Bike to School team