Elementary Schools

Elementary Schools

Bike to School Month at YOUR school

Cascade Bicycle Club hosts the Bike to School Month Challenge and Bike to School Day each May as part of Cascade's Bike Month festivities. Students across the state dust off their bikes and welcome the spring sunshine by collecting biking minutes to earn cool prizes. Bike to School Day is Wednesday, May 9, 2018! Join thousands of other riders across the country on Bike to School Day. 

Check out the information below to find out how to host at your school, get students registered, be safe and earn cool prizes.

School registration & leadership

To host Bike to School Month at your school a Bike to School Month Coordinator is needed. The volunteer coordinator can be a teacher, parent, guardian, or community member, and should work in partnership with the school to get organized. Each coordinator (or coordinator team) is responsible for managing student sign-ups, event promotion, data and report totals, and prize distribution. Coordinators should email Ryan at [email protected], to get their school registered and to reserve a Bike to School kit. Cascade provides a ‘starter kit’ which includes promotional materials, tracking calendars, prizes, and information for further support. Explore the Bike to School Resources below for more information and materials. 

First time coordinating? Check out the Start a Bike to School Program page for more information on getting your school community up and riding!

Student registration

Each elementary school student interested in participating in the Bike to School month challenge should contact their school’s coordinator. Upon registration students will receive a Bike to School Month tracking calendar, where they can log the number of minutes they ride their bike each day. Rather than competing against one another, students compete to increase their own personal totals to earn bigger and better prizes.

Every minute riding counts, including: rides to school, sports practice, parks, libraries, a friend’s house and more! Students should direct all additional questions to their school’s Bike to School coordinator.

Earning prizes

At the end of the month students should give their Bike to School Month tracking calendar to their coordinator to earn prizes for participating.


  • Riding on Bike to School Day, Wednesday, May 9, 2018 — special reflective Bike to School sticker, ankle strap or other cool prizes!
  • Riding up to six hours during the month — prizes in the past have included spoke cards, snap bracelets, special stickers and reflective ankle straps.
  • Riding more than six hours during the month — prizes in the past have included frisbees, bike bells, water bottles and wheel lights.


We are changing up the Golden Pedal Award for 2018 to be even more exciting. Stay tuned for details.


We envision participation in Bike to School Month as a family project, one that may also introduce adults to the fun of bicycling with kids! You know your child and your route to school best, but in general, young children are not prepared to ride on the street alone. Most elementary school children ride with their parents or another adult. Reach out to your Bike to School coordinator to discuss route planning, ride trains and other ideas for safe commuting.

We encourage all riders to wear a bike helmet whenever you are out on your wheels. Cascade provides low-cost helmets for schools and community members. Please contact Ryan at [email protected] for more information.


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