COVID-19 New Riders

Compiled here are resources, guidelines, and tutorials with new riders and families in mind. Trail crowding is a problem at the moment and it is hard to maintain six feet of distance on these routes. In addition to tips on places to ride, you will also learn about helmet fitting, the ABC’s of bicycling, and information regarding alternative options for new cyclists and families to get out and ride in a safe and socially conscious manner during this time period.


Biking During COVID-19
  • Ten Guidelines for Safe Bicycle Riding during COVID-19 Restrictions

  • Have a bike? Need a bike? — Bike Match Seattle

  • At this time, Cascade is not promoting or recommending specific Free Group Ride routes. Public Health officials and Governor Jay Inslee recommend recreating from your front door and finding walking and riding opportunities in your own neighborhood. However, if you are interested in being paired up with a Ride Leader in your specific area who has knowledge of neighborhood routes that you can use while on a bike ride, please email  and we would be happy to connect you.

Tips for Biking
Family Biking