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We love sharing your stories about the impact ebikes have on your life. Below are some highlights that we'll continually update.

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A Whole New World To Me - Donnie | Seattle, WA

"Mobility has always been a passion point for me starting from a young age. As a freshman in high school, I was diagnosed with an acute form of bone cancer that eventually led to the amputation of my right leg above the knee. My whole world changed and I was confronted with a new series of questions and challenges to try to regain my mobility and freedom without breaking the bank.

Now, many years after losing my leg, I have pursued activities ranging from competitive swimming to motocross. But when it came to cycling, I couldn’t quite find the right solution that balanced my need for power assistance and on/off-road capability. So when electric-powered bikes went mainstream I was re-energized with confidence. However, my excitement quickly diminished when I confronted the cost of the average ebike usually in the $3-4k range. I then found the Rad Power Bikes RadRover. It had everything I was looking for; quality construction and components, off-road capable, long range battery, and most importantly affordable!

I put over 100 miles on my RadRover in less than a month (with many more since then), using it both on and off-road and even hit the trails at the local mountain bike parks.

The RadRover has completely opened a whole new world to me and I have no intentions of stopping!"


Quality Time with My Kids - Kimberly | Round Rock, TX

"I use my Rad bike for family, personal, and fitness reasons. Most of the time, I am biking with my two children, my 6 year old daughter and 1 year old son. My husband, who has previous bike shop experience, was able to safely attach my beloved bike trailer to the RadWagon, leaving plenty of space on the rack for our daughter as well as whatever we need to haul that day. We use the bike for all our grocery trips, visits to our local library, and for attending many homeschool meet ups and events within our community. We also frequently use the bike to visit playgrounds around our city. Our favorite playground features a bike and scooter race track for children and the versatility of the RadWagon allows us to easily bring along a bike for my daughter.

A simple trip to the store or library turns into an adventure. My 1 year old absolutely loves going for rides, usually falling asleep within a few minutes. The trip leaves a lot of time for my 6 year old daughter and I to talk about everything from books to nature and even doing verbal math problems. Prior to purchasing the RadWagon, I was riding a mountain bike which I turned into a cargo bike of sorts by adding a rear rack with a high weight limit, a seat, and creating footguards out of flexible cutting boards which I zip-tied onto the rack so that my daughter's feet wouldn't get caught in the spokes. My son rode in a trailer pulled behind the bike. It worked, but on a hot Texas day it was difficult to pull that kind of weight, especially up an incline or riding against the wind. We’d arrive at our destination and I’d be exhausted and sweaty. Taking the bike was still preferable over taking the car but knowing that I could never show up anywhere looking put-together made the choice to take the bike a not-so enjoyable one. Switching to the RadWagon has made biking with my kids enjoyable and I can even use it to meet with potential photography clients while still looking presentable."


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