Why become bike-friendly?

The business case for supporting bicycling

Wondering what's in it for your organization? Bike commuters can reduce healthcare costs, and employees who bicycle commute are a better value from and human resources standpoint: they are ill less often and make 14 percent fewer claims on their health insurance.

  • Bicycle amenities are inexpensive. For example, a 10-bike rack has a one-time cost of about $1000. A single underground car parking stall costs roughly $30,000 in lifecycle costs to permit, build and maintain.
  • Bicycling is eligible for some tax savings. Employers provide pre-tax benefits to your commuters, a portion of those benefits may be eligible for a B&O tax credit.
  • Bicyclists make great customers. Individual savings among people who travel by bicycle translate to increased purchasing power. In Philadelphia, this savings totals $345,000 per day, a potential boon to local economies. Read Momentum Magazine's article 'Why Businesses Want Bike Riding Customers.' (July 2015)

Bicycling is a smart business strategy. We welcome the opportunity to help you improve your business and your bottom line.