STP Hall of Fame

The Cascade Bicycle Club STP Hall of Fame recognizes STP riders who have ridden with us from Seattle to Portland five times or more.

Hall of Fame

Cascade was founded in 1979, and our records are a little fuzzy from those early days. To enroll in the STP Hall of Fame, just let us know how many times you have participated in the STP by filling out this short form. 

We will update the Hall of Fame list twice a year.

If under the age of 18, please include name of parent or guardian.
How many years have you ridden in the STP?
To the best of your knowledge, when did you first ride in the STP?
Have you even been a member of Cascade? For information only, Hall of Fame enrollment is not dependent on membership.
Would you like your name and the number of times you have ridden STP to appear on on our Hall of Fame webpage?