Driver Education

As a vehicle user, you have an immense impact on the safety of bike riders in your community. Even if you are not a bike rider yourself, by giving bike riders space and by paying extra attention for them as fellow road users you are not only supporting transportation equity but you may also be saving a life.

Even the simple act of driving the speed limit can be life-altering for those around you. A 20 mph crash with a bicycle or pedestrian has a 5% fatality rate. At 30 mph, the fatality rate jumps to 45%. At 40 mph, the fatality rate is 80%.

Thank you for taking the time to learn and implement these save driving trips so that we can all get where we want to go safely.

Give Three Feet
Why it is important to give at least three feet of space when passing a bicyclist and best practices around passing.

Look Twice for Bikes
Tips on how vehicle users can help keep bicyclists safe in the roadways, and how bikers can increase their safety around vehicles.