CTS ARL Opportunity!


What is the ARL Program? 

The Associate Ride Leader (ARL) Program is a part of the Cascade Training Series (CTS) that gives a select group of Prior CTS participants or riders that have been recommended from Free Group Rides by Rides the chance to train for STP, RSVP, or other longer rides while improving their group riding skills in a supportive setting. 


  • ARL’s will assist riders and Ride Leaders to the best of their ability
  • ARL’s will be able to ride at the pace of the group they are helping with
  • ARL’s will carry themselves in a professional manner
  • You will enjoy yourself; this item is a program requirement

Qualifications to participate:

  • Must be a prior CTS participant or recommended
  • Complete Fix A Flat or demonstrated ability
  • Must be at least eighteen years of age
  • Cannot be a previous participant in the ARL program
  • Must be able to ride the pace of their group
  • Cannot have minor participant in CTS group during ARL commitment period
  • Must be willing and able to assist with assigned pace group
  • Cannot be current or former CTS Ride Leader
  • Assist with minimum of 3 of first 6 rides and 3 of last 6 rides in the series 

ARL’s will assist with the following:

  • Giving the SMART briefing
    • Ride safety is our number one priority and large part of all training.
  • Working as a float during rides as needed
  • Help sweep rides as needed
  • Lead sections of rides

Required Equipment:

  • Working bike or ability to run at group pace for an extended time
  • Pump
  • Bike computer or phone with Ride With GPS or equivalent
  • Incident form (Supplied)
  • SMART card (Supplied)

If you are interested in helping out with the Cascade Training Series, riding with some of the finest Ride Leaders in the Northwest, training and riding STP for free Sign-Up here. Sign up closes 4/4/2020 if you were recommended by a Ride Leader enter their name in the "Comments" section. Once you have signed up you will hear from us shortly.

Have questions? Email davidu@cascade.org