Riding a Bicycle in Washington: Bikes and the Law

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Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 7:00pm

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With more and more distracted drivers on the road, it’s important to protect yourself by knowing your rights and responsibilities as a cyclist on the road and, in the event you are involved in a collision, what to do at the scene.  As a rider or ride leader, it’s also important to know the laws that govern how and where to ride so you can keep your group safe and out of harm’s way.  Our informal discussion will cover these important topics:

  • What to do in case you or someone in your group is involved in a collision
  • Bike equipment laws including requirements for lights, helmets, brakes and other equipment
  • Cyclist's rights on the roadway, sidewalks, crosswalks and trails
  • Common causes of bicycle accidents: right-hook, left-hook, passing, dooring and rear-end collisions
  • How drivers blame cyclists:  speed, lookout, braking and inattention
  • Insurance coverage for cyclists
  • Electric-assist bikes
  • Recreational immunity against claims for unsafe conditions

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Stacie Bain

is a bike lawyer in Washington with offices in Seattle and Spokane.  Stacie has over twenty-five years of experience riding bikes including working as a bike messenger, racing road and mountain bikes, bike commuting year-round, riding with her kids and bike touring.  Because of her extensive involvement with the bicycling community and her passion for riding, Stacie started representing injured cyclists in 2007.  Over the past decade, she has handled a wide variety of bicycle personal injury cases ranging from minor road rash and bruises to catastrophic injury cases.  Stacie earned her B.S. from the University of Washington in 1997 and her J.D. degree with honors from the Seattle University School of Law in 2004.  Stacie has been teaching cyclists and attorneys about bike laws since 2010 and is the author of the Bicycle Litigation chapter of the Washington State Association for Justice’s Motor Vehicle Litigation Deskbook.  Stacie can be reached by phone at (206) 357-6559 or by email at stacie@bainbikelaw.com.    

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