One Coast, Two Rivers, Four Countries

Event date: 
Thursday, February 9, 2017 -
7:00pm to 8:30pm

Join us in welcoming back longtime Cascade members Jeff and Louise Davis for this can't-miss presentation in which they'll share their experiences biking two very different valleys: one rural and off the beaten path, one the most polished jewel of European cycling. Their most recent trip spanned 900 km along the North Sea coasts of Holland and Germany, and 1100 km up the Elbe to the far side of Germany and into Prague. With a month left under their visa rules, they also took a train down to the Danube and followed it several hundred km more, almost to Vienna.  They'll wrap up with some comments about and photos of the Danube between Vienna and Budapest, which they cycled three years earlier.

During their trip, they found the best tailwinds of their lives along the North Sea coast, then a river that passed through both sides of the Iron Curtain for the 45 years of the Cold War. They'll discuss how Cold War politics affected the cities and the Elbe valley, making it one of the least urbanized rivers in Europe. On the Danube, they found the best cycling route they've encountered in Europe- bike paths winding past castles, beneath both deep forests and vineyards, and between cities that are among the most storied in Europe. Reserve your spot today!


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About the Presenters


Jeff and Louise Davis have been Cascade members for over 20 years and have done many of the Cascade classics like STP and RSVP, plus led club rides.  Since retiring 9 years ago they have ridden their tandem over 30,000 miles in various parts of the US, Canada, New Zealand and Europe.  This past summer they visited their 9th European country by bike, and hope to travel for the first time to 3 more this coming summer.

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