Promote F5 Networks Bike Everywhere Month

Help spread the word and let's get rolling

F5 Networks Bike Everywhere Month is a community-driven celebration. See below for tips to get your community involved. 

Help build momentum for bicycling by promoting Cascade’s Bike Everywhere Month programs, or even creating your own community events.  Use the 2019 Bike Everywhere Guide for inspiration, how-to's, and resources to help get people across our state join the celebration.  Click here to download.

Use our toolkits

  • Team Captains' Toolkit: Sample emails to recruit team members, ideas for motivating your team.
  • Workplace Toolkit: Sample emails to recruit team captains and participants, ideas for motivating your employees to participate.
  • DIY Celebration Station Toolkit: May 17th is Bike Everywhere Day, and hundreds of morning celebration stations across the state will be supporting riders with breakfast, high-fives and souvenirs. Cascade can support you. Host a celebration station in your neighborhood or at your workplace!
  • DIY bike event toolkit: Suggestions for concepts, logistics and promotion.

2019 Graphics and Posters

We encourage you to include Bike Everywhere Month messaging and graphics wherever you might encounter potential bicyclists - at your workplace, in your community, among friends, etc. Feel free to use Cascade's downloadable Bike Month poster and graphics to promote biking among your networks.

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT YOUR 2019 F5 Networks bike month GRAPHICS!

2019 F5 Networks Bike Everywhere Day Celebration Station Signs!

Click here to download the sign in .pdf format for printing 


2019 Bike Everywhere Guide - Your guide to all things Bike Everywhere Month!

Click here to download the .pdf

2019 Bike Everywhere Month Poster:

Click here to download the Hi-Res version (22MB)
Click here to download the Lo-Res version (2MB)

2019 Bike Everywhere Month Logo

Click here to download the .png file (7MB)

2019 Social Media Sample Posts - Share this in social media posts to help spread the word with #WABikeEverywhere

Bike Everywhere Month - Social Media Post Size (.jpg)


Where to post graphics and flyers:
  • Company intranet site or departmental homepage
  • Neighborhood blog
  • Your cubicle wall
  • Your Facebook page
  • Community bulletin boards (library, coffee shop, bike shop)