Cascade Gifts

Gift the gift of STP or Cascade membership as a wonderful and lasting experience to the bicyclist in your life! 


Now available for gift purchase:

How to gift a ride registration

STP gift registrations will become available on/after Tuesday, February 7

  1. Find a ride/event to gift in the above display. 
  2. Enter the desired quantity of registration(s) you would like to purchase and select "add to cart"
  3. Select "Checkout" and confirm your payment details to complete the transaction. 

Once completed you will receive a gift registration email from us that contains a coupon code for redemption via You are responsible for sending/forwarding this email with the coupon code to the person you purchased the gift for. They must then use the coupon code to complete registration before online registration closure. 

*Gift registrations create a coupon code that allows another person to register for free. They are not an active registration until redeemed. 

*Gift Registrations are non-refundable.  You may review our refund policies here.

How to redeem 

  1. Follow the link in the gift registration email to visit the ride registration page.
  2. Click the "Register Now" button.
  3. Proceed to check out your cart.
  4. IMPORTANT: Enter the gift registration code in the space provided for Coupon Code and apply it to your order.
  5. Verify that the gift registration discount has applied and that your order total has been reduced.
  6. Complete checkout.

A gift registration is only valid if the receiving rider uses their own Cascade account to register normally, before the registration period closes, usually a week prior to the event. There are no day-of-event gift registration transactions. Riders registering with a gift registration code are subject to the same terms and conditions as every Cascade rider and may purchase add-ons as desired, subject to availability.