Bike Rodeo Community Event

Girl at rodeo
Photo courtesy of Stephen Matera

Organize your own community event! Bike Rodeos are a fun way for kids to build their biking skills and develop a greater understanding of bike safety. 

What is a Bike Rodeo?

A bike rodeo is a skills course for kids that is designed to be fun, interactive, and non-competitive. A rodeo is a great way for kids to practice bike handling and traffic safety skills and to engage parents in the community.This event can easily be incorporated into any community event or block party and connect it to themes such as "health and wellness", "environmental education" or "youth fitness".

Download instructions for hosting a bicycle rodeo. 

Photo courtesy of Stephen Matera

Host your own BIKE RODEO

  • Registration (have parents sign a waiver)
  • Bike skills course (slalom, scanning, rock dodge, ramps, driveway rideout, quick stop)
  • Bike games (snail race, newspaper toss, squish squad)
  • Helmet fitting and helmet sale (Cascade can teach you how to do helmet fits and provide you with low-cost helmets to sell)
  • Bike maintenance station (invite local bike shops to volunteer to fix bikes)
  • Giant hopscotch
  • Decoration Station (Bike decorating, face painting)
  • Healthy snacks/water
  • First Aid
  • BTS registration/information
  • Community partners and/or community service organizations (Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, Feet First, Undriver’s License, SDOT, health and wellness)
  • Organized neighborhood rides during or after the rodeo


You will need to recruit and train volunteers for the various stations.  If you decide to do the “rock dodge”, “quick stop/driveway rideout” “scanning station”, you will need to have people that can teach these skills to kids at the bike rodeo.  If you incorporate ramps into the bike rodeo, you should have at least one adult on each side of the ramp and have a way to manage speed coming up to the ramp.


  • This is an event for kids, but don’t forget to engage the parents!  
  • This event could tie in with another regularly-scheduled event at your school community--Earth Day celebration, family potluck, etc.
  • It is good practice to ensure that event facilitators are knowledgeable about bicycle and traffic safety.
  • Kids like to ride around after finishing all of the rodeo stations--try to establish a loop for them to ride around at your site.  It is a good idea to monitor the loop to make sure that kids are moving at a speed that keeps everyone safe.
  • Establish a "learn to ride" area with trained volunteers that can teach kids how to ride.
  • Cascade can provide rodeo props and bike rodeo guidelines (including diagrams) free of charge. To reserve a rodeo kit for pick up, please contact us!

Cascade Bicycle Club supplies the following items:

  • Directions and advice for organizing a rodeo
  • Rodeo props & signs (Must be reserved in advance.)
  • Ideas for stations, activities and games
  • Sample waiver form
  • Helmet fit brochures
Not Supplied
  • Staff and volunteers to run the course

Rodeo kits must be reserved in advance.  To reserve a kit and schedule a pick up or drop off time, contact [email protected]

Ryan Young