West Seattle safe biking

Ensuring there are safe places to bike is key to growing bicycling. Ensuring those places take you where you need to go, and that they’re easy and intuitive to use is just as important.

The emergency closure of the West Seattle Bridge is a looming transportation crisis for Seattle, but bicycles are part of the solution. Cascade is urging the city to make rapid investments in safe bike routes to and through West Seattle so that people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds feel comfortable traveling by bike on and off the West Seattle Peninsula. We took a socially distant spin with a West Seattle bike activist to check out some danger zones and gaps in trails, and to investigate the tremendous opportunity the city has to alleviate traffic congestion by helping more people pedal instead of drive. Read about it on a recent latest blog post.  

Additionally, Cascade has signed on to a letter with the West Seattle Bike Connections, Duwamish Greenways, and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways to urge SDOT to speed up bike improvements to keep people and goods moving safely. 

Check back for updates, including future Free Group Ride opportunities to learn about the various routes to cross out of West Seattle by bike, and practice your new bike routes! (Timing for rides is COVID-recovery dependent, to ensure compliance with state and local social distancing guidelines)


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