Passing bike-friendly ballot measures

Washington state is gaining momentum for making smart investments in transportation that promote safety, health, and economic development. 

A key component of these investments are people-powered bike-friendly ballot measures. Trainings, like Cascade’s Advocacy Leadership Institute; and strategic advising from Cascade policy staff help local advocates and organizers gain the tools and skills to pass bike-friendly measures at the ballot box. 

While Cascade Bicycle Club still endorses ballot measures, at the beginning of 2016 all candidate endorsements shifted to its 501(c)(4) partner, Washington Bikes.

State and federal relations for better bicycling

What happens in “The Other Washington” impacts bicycling in many ways across Washington state. Whether for funding a trail or passing stronger laws to improve safety, Cascade alerts local advocates, agency staff, and elected officials to issues that matter when making federal policy and investments.

Photo courtesy of the League of American BicyclistsOn the state level, Cascade works with its affiliate organization, Washington Bikes, which leads lobbying and policy development efforts in the Washington State Legislature to grow state transportation and budget investments and pass state legislation to make it safer and easier to get around by bike. 

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