Building bicycle networks

Courtesy of PeopleforBikes.

Ensuring there are safe places to bike is key to growing bicycling. Ensuring those places take you where you need to go, and that they’re easy and intuitive to use is just as important. That’s why Cascade’s policy team advocates for safe and connected bike networks, especially in urban areas where people who bike are often sharing the road with heavy vehicle traffic. 

Cascade has led the effort to build bicycle networks in two of Washington’s largest urban areas — Seattle and Bellevue. By working with city transportation experts and elected officials; partnering with other safe streets groups; and organizing neighbors and local advocates, Cascade works to make sure that new bike lanes and trails are suitable for riders of any age or skill level. In addition, our policy team creates visionary campaigns, such as Seattle’s Basic Bike Network, to unify experts, advocates and champions around shared goals of connectivity, mobility and safety.


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