Rich Brown, Major Taylor Project Manager

Rich Brown

Major Taylor Project Manager

(206) 620-1536

Diana Bryant, Content Marketing Manager

Diana Bryant

Content Marketing Manager

(206) 620-0468

Amanda Bulley, Event Community Partnerships

Amanda Bulley

Event Community Partnerships Mgr.

(206) 620-0461

Max Burton Max Burton

Bicycle Technical Specialist

(206) 620-1532


Alejandro Castillo, Partnerships & Memberships Coordinator

Alejandro Castillo

Partnerships & Membership Coord.


Wendy Clark, Digital Communications Manager

Wendy Clark

Digital Communications Manager

(206) 620-1418

Vicky Clarke, Policy Director


Vicky Clarke

Policy Director

(206) 620-0454

Alexandra Collier Pittle, Individual & Annual Giving Manager


Alexandra Collier Pittle

Individual & Annual Giving Manager

(206) 620-1422


Alex Comeau, Events Coordinator


Alex Comeau

Events Producer

(206) 620-0469

Dave Douglas, Senior Director of Events & Rides


Dave Douglas

Senior Director of Events & Rides

(206) 620-0799

Seth Esmeson

Seth Esmeson

Policy Manager

(206) 620-1420

Laura Garner

Laura Garner

Membership & Fundraising Manager

(206) 620-0455

​​Alex Griffin, Accountant

Alex Griffin


Chris Hemminger, Bookkeeper​​

Chris Hemminger


(206) 620-1431

B. Michelle Johnson, CFRE

Senior Director of Development

(206) 620-1540
Sara Kiesler

Sara Kiesler

Senior Marketing Manager

(206) 620-1527

Amy Korver, Education Coordinator Amy Korver

Education Coordinator

(206) 620-0459


Claire Martini, East King County Manager

Claire Martini

East King County Manager

(206) 620-0470

Deric Nova, Database Coordinator

Deric Nova

Database Coordinator

(206) 620-1254

Kristin Podsiad, Outreach Americorps Kristin Podsiad

Outreach Americorp

Jenny Russo

Human Resources Manager

(206 522-3222 ext. 538

Rachel Osias, Education Director

Rachel Osias

Education Director

(206) 620-1425

Stephen Rowley, Fleet Manager

Stephen Rowley

Fleet Manager

(206) 620-0466

Tamar Shuhendler Tamar Shuhendler

Community Organizer

(206) 620-1258

Ali Smith, Volunteer Coordinator

Ali Smith

Volunteer Coordinator

(206) 620-0465

Richard Smith, Executive Director


Richard Smith

Executive Director

(206) 620-1432



Rebecca Sorensen, Events Director

Rebecca Sorensen

Events Director

(206) 620-1417

Connie Stark Connie Stark

Partnership Manager

(206) 620-1255
Josh Stowell Josh Stowell

MTP Tacoma Field Coordinator

David Urbina, Rides Program Manager

Davíd Urbina

Rides Program Manager

(206) 620-0801

Ryan Young, Youth Programs Manager

Ryan Young

Youth Programs Manager

(206) 620-0467