Staff & Contractors


Joel Allen he/him

Major Taylor Project Manager

joela @cascade dot org
Alex Alston she/her

State Policy Director

alexa @ wabikes dot org
A.J. Benaltabe he/him

Let's Go Manager

ajb @ cascade dot org
Max Burton Maxwell Burton he/him

PRP & Volunteer Community Engagement Project Mgr

maxwellb @ cascade dot org
Wendy Clark she/her

Digital Communications Manager

wendyc @ cascade dot org

(425) 361-9303


Vicky Clarke, Policy Director

Vicky Clarke she/her

Policy Director

vickyc @ cascade dot org

(206) 620-0454
David Douglas he/him

Rides & Community Engagement Dir.

davidd @ cascade dot org

Lida Ford she/her

Development Coordinator

lidaf @ cascade dot org

Laura Garner

Laura Garner she/her

Membership and Giving Manager

laurag @ cascade dot org

(206) 620-0455


Chris Hemminger​​

Chris Hemminger he/him

Staff Accountant

chrish @ cascade dot org

(206) 620-1431

Jos Johnson they/them

Virtual Events & Communications Coordinator

josj @ cascade dot org

(206) 522-3222 ex. 804

Sara Kiesler

Sara Kiesler she/her

Communications and Marketing Director

sarak @ cascade dot org

(206) 620-1527

Amy Korver, Education Coordinator

Amy Korver she/her

Community Education Manager

amyk @ cascade dot org

(206) 620-0459
Brian Kutzera he/him


brianku @ cascade dot org
Lee Lambert

Lee Lambert he/him

Executive Director

leel @ cascade dot org

Kristen Lee she/her

Operations Manager

kristenl @ cascade dot org

  Andra Luca she/her

Partnership Coordinator

andral @ cascade dot org
Shannon Mangan Shannon Mangan she/her

Let's Go Program Coordinator

shannonm @ cascade dot org
Rishan Mohideen he/him

Rides & Events Program Manager

rishanm @ cascade dot  org

Deric Nova, Database Coordinator

Deric Nova he/him

Database Coordinator

dericn @ cascade dot org

(206) 620-1254

  Joseph Roberts he/him

Tech Consultant

josephr @ cascade dot org

Stephen Rowley, Fleet Manager

Stephen Rowley he/him

Education Director

stephenr @ cascade dot org

(206) 620-0466

Javier Salazar he/they

Fleet Manager

javiers @ cascade dot org

Rachel Schaeffer she/her

Seattle Policy & Advocacy Manager

rachels @ cascade dot org

(206) 620-0470

Tamar Shuhendler she/her

Community Organizer

tamars @ cascade dot org

(206) 620-1258

Connie Stark

Connie Stark she/her

Director of Development and Partnerships

connies @ cascade dot org

(206) 620-1255


Josh Stowell Josh Stowell he/him

MTP Operations Manager

joshs @ cascade dot org

David Urbina, Rides Program Manager

Davíd Urbina he/him

Rides Program Manager

davidu @ cascade dot org

(206) 620-0801

Paul Tolmé he/him

Content Strategy & Media Relations Manager

pault @ cascade dot org

(206) 522-3222 ext. 798