Volunteer Skills

Customer Service

Customer Service involves enjoying interacting with participants in a busy environment

Manual Labor

Manual Labor involves the ability to lift 40 pounds

Event Planning

Event Planning involves helping to overseeing some of the logistics like food stocks at rest stops or number of bikes in a bike corral during a event.

Basic bike maintenance

Basic bike maintenance maintenance involves the ability to perform basic bike repairs and adjustments such as brakes, fix flats, etc.

Team Building

Team building involves finding ways to strengthen bonds between the volunteers in you role, or at your event for the purpose of more efficiently achieving the goals of the volunteer task such as packet stuffing or rest stop support.

Map Reading and Wayfinding

Map Reading and Wayfinding involves knowing how to identify and interpret the symbols and labels used on a map and using the map to aid in navigation.

First Aid training

First Aid training involves the training assess and deliver the medical attention that usually needs to be administered immediately after the injury occurs and at the location where it occurred.

Photography or Videography

Photography or Videography involves overseeing, shooting, and editing photography at live Cascade events 

More Skills will be added soon!

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