Mobile medics

Be a Mobile Medic!

A medical rider in red and blue jersey runs through the STP finish


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Are you a nurse, doctor, EMT, paramedic or trained first responder? Sign up to be a Mobile Medic at Cascade Bicycle Club's major ride events. You get to ride the route looking for folks with minor bumps and scrapes-- if you come across anything that can’t be fixed with some disinfectant and a band-aid, call for help and wait for it to arrive before moving on. You’ll need to bring your own basic medical kit (disinfectant swabs, band-aids).


  • Patrol event routes looking for scrapes and bruises in need of a band-aid
  • Perform minor wound cleaning and injury assessment
  • Call an ambulance for any major injuries


  • Have a basic medical kit stocked with bandages and disinfectant
  • First Aid Certification recommended but not required
  • Be cheerful, energetic, communicative, empathetic and  authoritative
  • Understand and follow directions given by the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Bring a bicycle that you’re able ride for the duration of the shift
  • Be able to ride with confidence on a crowded street
  • Be at least 18 years old

Questions? E-mail us at We are here to help.