Becoming an Outrider




The Cascade Outriders are a highly skilled and experienced volunteer group that provides ride support on Cascade Bicycle Club events. The group provides course support for logistical, mechanical, traffic, and minor medical incidents in addition to providing information and moral support to riders. Becoming an Outrider is making a commitment to Cascade Bicycle Club that you are willing to not just ride the events, but become an ambassador for safe riding and our mission to “Improve Lives Through Bicycling.”


If you are a rider with advance cycling experience, an active Cascade member, have knowledge of Cascade and its programs, and can commit to riding at least three of our events as an Outrider we want you!


Applications for the 2023 are open!


Application Process 

  • Must be an active Cascade Bicycle Club member, or be willing to become one
  • Must be familiar with large riding events, Cascade ride etiquette, and cycling law
  • Complete an Outrider Application

Once your application is complete, we will be in touch about next steps.


Requirements after your Application is Accepted

  • Acknowledge that you have read and will uphold the Outrider Code of Conduct
  • Attend an Outrider orientation
  • Complete a mentored ride


Ride Requirements

  • All Outriders must ride three rides, including at least one major ride.

Major Rides:

Chilly Hilly

Ride for Major Taylor

Flying Wheels



*Riding both days of STP/all 200 miles counts towards one major ride and one regular ride. Outriders who ride STP will get priority registration for outriding RSVP. RSVP is NOT a major ride.


Outrider Supported Events


Chilly Hilly- February 26 (major ride)

Ride for Major Taylor - April 23

Bike-n-Brews (South)- May 7

Flying Wheels - June 3 (major ride) 

Emerald City Ride-  June, TBD

STP - July 15 and 16 (riding both days counts as major ride and regular ride

RSVP - August 26 - 27

Woodinville Wine Ride - September 10

Kitsap Color Classic - September 24


Tour Lites are not supported by Outriders.

Please note that Outriders do not receive volunteer hours/credit toward other Cascade events.  



Outriders will have the option to purchase Outrider jerseys at the beginning of the season. Cascade will take orders before purchasing the jerseys. There is no limit to the number of jerseys you can purchase. It is not a requirement to wear a jersey. If you choose to not wear a jersey, we request that you please wear a complementary Outrider vest available at the start line.


Event Protocol



  • A private registration link will be provided via the Outrider Facebook page. These links will be available as each event opens for regular Cascade member registration.
  • Any additional items (event apparel, bus transportation, bike storage, etc) must be paid for by the Outrider and can be added-on by logging into your account on
  • Packet mailing is available for Outriders.  Cascade no longer offers packet pickup, but lost bibs can be replaced at the start line.

Event Day:

  • At the packet pickup tent, you will find a box marked “Outriders” that will have your bib, tubes, maps, sign in sheet, and any other event specific info. You sign in to show that you participated in the event.
  • Outriders will ride in no more than a group of two, unless dealing with an emergency. Outriders may ride alone.
  • When riding, check in with riders, be friendly, and maintain a positive attitude towards our fellow riders. We do not expect you to police, but to kindly offer suggestions and remind others of safe riding practices. Offer to help to those who look like they may need it.
  • Tubes are not included in the price of admission, these are for situations where a rider has damaged the spare that they brought. Please help them change the tire if needed and provide tools. If you are out of tubes, there will be spares at each sponsored food stop. Remember, if a rider has their own tube, use that one.
  • We encourage carrying a First Aid Kit that contains only supplies you are comfortable using.
  • If you have a rider emergency or need a support vehicle to pick up the rider call the rider CBC emergency # 206-841-9665
  • The support vehicles know the limits of their services, please respect that these are set by CBC based on liability and the amount of service we are able to provide. We do not transport riders to the hospital in volunteer vehicles, and we do not transport riders to the finish line of STP (unless within a reasonable distance).
  • Outriders will enjoy the benefits that come along with standard registration free of charge such as meals, drinks, finisher items, ride souvenirs, etc.  


  • Outriders will be asked to complete a post-event survey available HERE and on the Outrider Facebook Page.

IMPORTANT: Please list all incidents in the survey and include rider name, bib number, and a brief description based on the guidelines of the incident report.