Five-year Strategic Plan

Stronger Together

Cascade is an organization built on the coordination and cooperation of thousands of people. From the most experienced volunteers to the newest daily group riders, we succeed because of you and it is our mission to serve you.

When putting this strategic plan together, our board and staff were guided by our history of cooperation and teamwork. This is the Cascade Bicycle Club’s 2014-2019 strategic plan. It is a the shared vision of board, staff, volunteers and members, and it was created together. We are excited about this plan. It paints a wonderful picture of bicycling in the Puget Sound region and provides clear direction for the future.

This plan, like our club, will succeed with your help, support and shared vision. You, the members, volunteers and active supporters of the Cascade Bicycle Club, are the reason we are here now, and the reason we will still be thriving five and even 50 years from now.

Thank you, Charles Ruthford & Elizabeth Kiker


Tracking our progress

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