About board service

About board service

The board meets five times a year, has an annual retreat and a brief phone meeting in August. Cascade is both a direct services organization (we put on rides and events and have a strong education program) and an advocacy organization (we monitor local, regional and statewide planning and project implementation). To ensure board members are familiar with all of Cascade’s operations, we request that board members volunteer at least once for a program that is outside their main interest in the club. Each board member is also expected to participate on at least one board committee.

Term length

A board term runs for three calendar years, starting January 1 after election. The bylaws disallow serving for more than two consecutive terms, though there is no limit on the total number of board terms one can serve.

Interested in board service?

Please send your resume to info@cascade.org. We will then send you a link to an online questionnaire. Learn more about the election process below.