About board service

About board service

The board meets five times a year, has an annual retreat and a brief phone meeting in August. Cascade is both a direct services organization (we put on rides and events and have a strong education program) and an advocacy organization (we monitor local, regional and statewide planning and project implementation). To ensure board members are familiar with all of Cascade’s operations, we request that board members volunteer at least once for a program that is outside their main interest in the club. Each board member is also expected to participate on at least one board committee.

Term length

A board term runs for three calendar years, starting January 1 after election. The bylaws disallow serving for more than two consecutive terms, though there is no limit on the total number of board terms one can serve.

Interested in board service?

Please send your resume by June 2 to jointheboard@cascade.org. We will then send you a link to an online questionnaire that must be completed by June 6. Learn more about the election process below. 

Election timeline

“The board appoints the Governance Committee as the bylaws required nominating committee for the 2014 elections. Furthermore, that the board approves the following process for recruiting and vetting candidates and for creating the slate to be presented to the membership.”

  • The April Courier shall announce that the Governance Committee is looking for candidates to run in the October board elections. The May Courier shall also announce the search for board candidates.
  • The board agrees to work hard to identify candidates.
  • April: Nomination and process documents are online.
  • Early April: Braking News and blog have announcement of nominations process.
  • June 2: Deadline for notice of intent to apply for board position.
  • June 6: Deadline for completed candidate nomination forms.
  • June 10: Committee meets to decide who to interview, finalizes interview questions, and interviews scheduled. (We can do rolling interviews before deadline if enough qualified people apply early.)
  • June 27, 5 p.m.: Meeting of Governance Committee to produce slate to present to board.
  • June 28: Those not granted ballot access shall have the month of July for gathering petition signatures to obtain ballot access. Those interested in going this route need to inform the Governance Committee by July 1st, at which point they will receive petition forms. Those that gather signatures from 1% of the membership shall be placed on the ballot with the indication that said candidate appears on the ballot via petition. The deadline for presenting the petition to the Governance Committee is August 1.
  • July 16: Board approves slate, less petition candidates. Board also sets the size of the 2015 board.
  • Aug. 10: Slate, including petition candidates, submitted to Courier for September publication. Election materials from candidates and Governance Committee are also submitted to the Courier for publication.
  • Aug.15: Deadline for candidates to submit election materials.
  • Sept. 1: All election materials from the candidates and the Governance Committee are online.
  • Sept. 23: Electronic voting goes live.
  • Oct. 7: Annual business meeting and last day to vote
  • Oct. 11: Per the bylaws, the election is certified on this date by the board secretary.
  • Nov. 4: Board orientation for new board members