About Cascade

Cascade Bicycle Club, the nation’s largest statewide bicycling nonprofit, serves bike riders of all ages, races, genders, income levels, and abilities throughout the state of Washington. We teach the joys of bicycling, advocate for safe places to ride, and produce world-class rides and events. Our signature programs include the Seattle to Portland, Free Group Rides, the Pedaling Relief Project, Your Streets Your Say advocacy training, the Bike Walk Roll Summit, Let's Go, and the Major Taylor Project.

1) A Black woman smiles while riding STP through farmland 2) A white woman instructor kneels while showing an Asian woman how to fix her bike 3) People pose with kale in a bike trailer before they deliver it to neighbors in need with Pedaling Relief

Cascade currently serves almost 10,000 members, has 30 professional staff, and 700 volunteers. 

Mission, Vision, and Values

Vision (updated as of October 2020):

We envision a safe and healthy future where bicycles bring people together, eliminate inequity, and create thriving communities.

Mission (updated as of October 2020):

Cascade Bicycle Club brings people together to experience the joy of bicycling through transportation, recreation, and friendship. We collaborate with members, volunteers, and community partners to inspire people to advocate for a safe, equitable, and sustainable Washington state. We build confidence, leadership, knowledge, and community by teaching bicycle skills to all ages​.

From left: 1) Asian man smiling in a recumbant bike on STP, 2) A Black boy and man bike downtown in Seattle on protected bike lanes 3) A young Asian woman wears a Major Taylor Project jersey and an orange tutu

Values (updated as of May 2021):

Equity:  We lead with a racial equity lens to eliminate inequities in community health outcomes and in mobility and transportation access. Bicycles are a tool for liberation.

Climate Justice:  Bicycles are a clean, healthy, and affordable solution to help solve the climate crisis, reduce transportation pollution, and create sustainable communities. 

Community:  We create opportunities for people to come together by removing barriers and fostering a sense of belonging. Bicycles are an integral part of creating connected, equitable and thriving communities.

Safety:  Safety is a right; we champion spaces that foster physical and emotional wellbeing.

Collaboration:  We share power, resources, and knowledge as a means to enrich lives and form mutually beneficial partnerships. We celebrate the existing strengths of our partners and participants and seek to be an accessible asset for others.

From left: 1) A White Woman and Man are smiling for the camera with a sign that says "congrats David 19th STP!" 2) A Mom and her child deliver a ballot by bike 3) A child practices riding a bike in a gym for Let's Go

Cascade Bicycle Club is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, EIN: 91-2165219

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  • You are empowering youth from underserved communities through the Major Taylor Project.
  • You are making it possible for Cascade to offer over 2,500 free group rides every year.
  • Ultimately, you are getting more people on bikes.

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