2013 STP in numbers and photos
STP 2013

The Group Health STP is Cascade’s largest fundraising event and supports bicycle education, advocacy, commute and riding programs throughout the greater Puget Sound region.  We’d like to thank all 10,000 participants for riding and supporting our programs. 

A big thank you also goes out to the hundreds of volunteers who lined the course and helped the 34th annual event run smoothly.

Here’s the 2013 STP in numbers and photos

• 10,000 registered riders from at 6 countries (at least!) and 45 states

• Eldest rider: 90

• 25% female riders; 75% male riders

• 62 riders will have ridden 20+ times

• 309 riders will have ridden 10+ times

•Jerry Baker (72) of Seattle has ridden each of the 34 rides

• 8187 Washington riders (2117 from Seattle)

• 1216 Oregon riders (578 from Portland)

• 100 safety and medical riders on the course

• 30 Ride Referees on the course

• 12 support vehicles

• 200 Gold Wing Touring Association motorcyclists

• How much food? Here’s a sample:

o 35,000 sandwiches 

o 17,000 fresh baked cookies 

o 35,000 snack bars 

o 11,000 fig bars

o 17,200 servings of bananas

o 10,000 servings of oranges

Visit our 2013 STP Flickr pool to see more photos and add your own.