Scientists confirm that bicycling makes you happy; Reno activists get bikeable streets; Bostonian creates "safest bike on the road"; and more

* Happy Holidays!

* Seattlites get excited! Puget Sound Bike Share is one step closer to launching.

Scientists are confirming what most bicyclists instinctively know – that riding a bike makes you happy.

* Often times conventional bells have little effect on a driver’s attention when bicyclists try to give advanced warning, so Jonathan Lansey, a mechanical and aerospace engineer, decided it was time to think like a four-wheeled vehicle and create a car horn for his bike commute.

* Young Reno activists demand bikeable streets – and get them.

* Check out the "safest bike on the road".

* It’s getting really close to Christmas. Need some ideas on what to get your pedaling loved-one? Check out our Bicyclist’s Gift Guide.

* Chicago is making headlines with a plan to become the most bike-friendly city in the US. The City is planning to lay down 645 miles of bike lanes by 2020!

- Plus, Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants Seattle and Portland to be envious.

* The League of American Bicyclists is hosting its next Women Bike event in March 2013. Titled “Women Mean Business”, the conference will bring together hundreds of bike advocates and enthusiasts working together to engage more women in bicycling.

* How does Santa deliver presents in Finland? With a cargo bike of course!

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